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Aviation fuels there types and why it is required

There are two main types of aviation fuel. Commonly known as “jet fuel”, aviation turbine fuel is used in dozens of countries and hundreds of locations worldwide. There’s also aviation gasoline, usually known by its shortened name of Avgas, or sometimes known as “aviation spirit” in the UK. This is used in plane engines that run through spark ignition.

Both airline industry bodies and military aviation users issue detailed specifications for their fuels, which have to be followed by…


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Top Five Must-have Accessories for Every Vehicle Owner

Whether you want to personalise your car or protect it from wear and tear, there are plenty of great accessories that you can buy. Without spending a fortune, you can buy Land Rover discovery accessories that will make your car unique and even protect your investment so that it holds its value. Here are the top five must-have accessories for your Land Rover discovery.

1. Black and Grey Union Flag Tyre Valve Caps

When it comes to personalisation, it's the little…


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Real driving emissions tests prompt development of new fuels

Real driving emissions (RDE) tests are being phased in by the EU to stipulate the range of driving conditions under which a car must be tested for emissions. New fuel and lubricant formulations will be needed to meet the challenge of reducing emissions further without causing engine problems. Engine, fuel and lubricant will need to be designed to work together.

After the controversy over the gap between lab emissions results and real-world emissions results, the EU is phasing in…


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Hire professional chauffeurs to impress your VIP clients

Many companies these days, choose to hire the best chauffeur services and their associated luxury cars, to impress their important business clients. By picking them up from airports and other locations and transporting them to their business destination, they can provide their clients with a safe and comfortable journey, and of course, impress them at the same time. For whatever reason you are using a chauffeur service, you can be assured that your journey will have been planned and carried…


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Experience the‘Royal Treatment’ in Chauffeur Driven Cars

Over the last few years, Newcastle has become renowned as one of the most vibrant cities in the United Kingdom. There is a fantastic array of clubs, bars and galleries, and what better way to travel around this stunning city than in your very own chauffeur driven car from Parkers. Feel like Prince William and Princess Kate, as you are chauffeured from event to event. It is truly how the other half live, but with a great value package and deals on offer, hiring a professional chauffeur can…


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5 Important Events Where Renting an MPV is Ideal

A mini multi-purpose vehicle, more commonly known as an MPV, is typically a high-end vehicle choice for larger passenger loads. Similar to an estate car, mini MPVs boast excellent off-road and on-road capabilities and are often very spacious and luxurious with excellent value-added features. For this reason, they are always a hugely popular choice with customers looking to arrange car hire in Newcastle and across the UK.

There are plenty…


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Steps to Find The Best Dealer in Used Cars

If you have made the decision to buy a used car, there are a number of places you can start searching. These include private sellers, used car dealerships or car auction showrooms and websites. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these, but a dealership is often considered the safest way to buy a used car.

Dealers in used cars also come in different formats, such as franchised dealerships that sell used and new cars, independent used car dealers and car supermarkets.…


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Things You Need To Know Before Becoming a Qualified VOSA Mot Tester

For most technicians, their goal is to become a qualified VOSA MOT tester. It is not hard to see why either. After all, all vehicles require an MOT on a yearly basis, and thus this is a service that is always going to be required. This allows technicians to make money and ensure that they are continually in high demand. Also, having ‘qualified MOT Tester’ on your CV looks impressive. It will make you attractive to any potential future employers, and it will show…


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