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Why Behavioral Interviewing Matters in Your Dealershiop

Auto dealerships are constantly focused on team building to reduce employee turnover and increase sales. But, it can be daunting to find good salespeople and service associates who will drive revenue and have good customer service skills to improve your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Scores.

That’s why auto dealers need tools to ask the right interview questions to…


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Great in The Interview but Not on The Job?

If you're familiar with the expression "people don't change," think again. Many hiring managers can attest that people often do change between the time they were interviewed and the first day they arrive at the office. The confusion can lead to catastrophic results.

What may seem like a classic case of bait and switch is…


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How Do You Find Managers Who Are Good at Hiring?

What do you look for when hiring a manager for your dealership or auto group?

Leadership, communication skills, empathy? While these are important emotional intelligence …


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Stop Picking Favorites: Hire Skills, Not Likeability

You just interviewed a candidate for an open position at your dealership. You felt like the interview was a great success! The individual was very pleasant and conversations throughout the interview flowed naturally. Even though this person is your favorite candidate, should you really hire someone just because you like them? No. You're not picking a new friend on the…


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Top 5 Things To Do Now For Hiring Success in 2017

It's official: 2016 is over. Take a moment to review your hiring process: Were you able to identify the best candidates for your organization? Do you need new tools to make it more efficient? Where do changes need to be made in order to achieve greater success this year?

In addition to an employee engagement strategy, the area that can have the greatest impact…


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Hiring for Customer Service

Savvy auto dealers understand that people skills count. Customer service before, during and after the sales or service process has a tremendous impact on the bottom line and CSI score for any dealership. These best practices can help you hire employees with top-of-the-line service acumen to help ensure your customers keep driving…


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Does Your Top Salesperson Have a Conflict-Causing Personality?

We all know at least one person who loves to take all the credit for a job well done—even if the accomplishment was a group effort. Lots of businesses can identify with this drama-causing problem in the office, including auto sales dealers.

This type of contradictory behavior can be especially problematic if it describes someone on your sales team. Not only are they stealing the limelight, this employee is also undermining your dealership’s ability to have a…


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7 Things a Personality Test Won’t Tell You

The hiring process can be challenging. You think you're improving your chances of hiring the best person for the job by carefully reviewing résumés, planning interviews, conducting background checks, and incorporating a personality test into your hiring practice. However, not…


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Improve CSI with Emotional Intelligence

In an industry where reputation will often make or break your business, auto dealers must stand out from the crowd in order to succeed. As with any industry, how customers view your company often dictates how successful you'll be. Few things are as important to car dealerships as the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). What if something as simple as…


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The Road to Excellence: An Auto Dealer's Story of Achieving a High-Performing Company Culture

A high-performing company culture does not happen by accident. The road to excellence is often intentional. I sat down to discuss this topic with one of our clients, a leader in luxury automobile sales. With nearly 30 years in the industry and 22 locations across…


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Does Your Dealership Suffer from Culture by Default?

Company culture often falls into a gray area. Sometimes underrated, yet invaluable, the culture of your dealership is just as important as what you sale and how you serve your customer. Think of it as the engine in a car. A strong, well-functioning engine is more capable of providing a vehicle with faster acceleration and better performance, much like a robust,…


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5 Emotional Intelligence Traits That Sell More Cars

One of the mysteries of the auto dealership world is…


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10 Questions You Can LEGALLY Ask Your Sales Candidates

 Dealerships that use best practices in interviewing and that are extremely effective in consistently hiring top sales performers use customized or standard behavioral-based interview guides to remain consistent in their line of questioning. These companies train their hiring managers on legal and effective interview questions and techniques to utilize during…


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