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Women Auto Know - Car Discounts for Graduates

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment, and many college grads celebrate the occasion by starting their new career with a new car. Whether you're a woman has recently finished college or you're a Mom helping one of your children make their own first auto purchase, you should…


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Women Auto Know

     Motor Matters introduces an engaging, easy-to-read article series geared to women car consumers called, "Women Auto Know."

     Interested in featuring this content on your dealer web site or newsletter?…


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There's Something About Mary

  Mary Barra's uniqueness as the new Chief Executive Officer at General Motors is not because she is the first woman to lead the company. Barra's understanding of how stuff works at GM is dramatically different from any of the men who came before her.…


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How to Stop Millions of Accidents: Use Turn Signals

     I notice many drivers who fail to signal.  Not using turn signals is one of my pet peeves. How many times has the person in front of you failed to use their signal when passing or turning? We've all experienced it -- maybe…


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Throwback Thursday -- 1930 Model A

Flashy for its Time: 1930 Convertible Cabriolet

   Ford built about 5 million Model A sedans, coupes, roadsters, pickups and many other models between 1928 and 1931.…


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How Your Service Department Can Engage Customers: "Hump Day Maintenance"

A simple phrase gets me hooked as quickly as a silly song.  I like the Geico commercial with the llama walking around the office, "Guess what day it is... it's hump day!"  So stupid. So memorable. 



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Throwback Thursday -- 1961 Corvette

Larry Gray’s 1961 Corvette.

His childhood was spent in Pine Bluff, Ark., where he delivered newspapers for 35 cents a week and pumped gas. In those days station attendants would pump the gasoline, check the oil level in your car and wipe your vehicle’s…


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Recall 101: Don't Refuse Gov't Request for Recall

  The unintended acceleration scandal that rocked Toyota's world spread like a dreaded MRSA virus from the front pages of newspapers to local late night news. It turned out to be much ado about floormats, not so much the throttle system.…


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Who has best-selling nameplate on the planet?

HINT: Its appeal is rooted in a philosophy set forth by the vehicle's first…


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Tech Desires Growing Stronger for Drivers

  A study done by J.D. Power and Associates found that 82 percent of car owners with smartphones have an interest in an in-vehicle device/application link to connect their smartphone to their vehicle's infotainment system. That's up from the 78 percent in the 2012 U.S. Automotive Emerging Technologies…


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Chevy Market Man: Impala Fleeing from Fleet Sales..Focus on Retail

Chevrolet's Impala earned a reputation as a rental car for most of the last decade. Very few were purchased by real buyers and the Impala became the quintessential fleet vehicle.…


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U.S Automakers Hot for 3-Cylinder Engines

     American motorists have long worshiped big engines that generate high horsepower, but as we all know unstable gasoline prices have diminished the fervor for big V-8s in favor of smaller, more fuel efficient powerplants.

     Small engines have been in favor in Europe and Asia for decades as fuel economy has been a compelling factor. Now that gasoline costs a…


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How to Survive Slamming into a Semi: Strike Straight-On

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is constantly crashing cars -- and the automakers love it, in the hopes they earn a "Top Safety Pick."


We posted this article for publication this week:

     More than 250 motorists were killed in crashes that involved cars slamming into the back ends of trailers on large trucks in 2011, according…


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Love Changes Everything

     1.13.13.  I’m counting down the days. 

    If you know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably a Chevy Man -- or Gal.

     1.13.13 is the reveal date for the seventh-generation Corvette.…


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Entire U.S. Car Market Punched by Super Storm Sandy

Chris and Mike's hot topix this morning on the super storm hit home with me, too. As a vendor/supplier on automotive content based in Delaware I worked through the weekend prior to storm hitting to advance client files.

Today we posted a story on the nationwide impact this storm may have on industry. What do you think?

Entire U.S. Car Market…


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