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Former Dealer and Founder of Hire The Winners is subject of new documentary on his life "Wrestled Away" The Lee Kemp Story

"Wrestled Away" The Lee Kemp Story was released globally on October 1, 2019 on most of the Video on Demand platforms including:

iTunes: https://t.co/nBw1YBSnNT

Amazon: https://t.co/kIW0f06FgG ;

GooglePlay: https://t.co/5BDfXMyfW8

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Message #119 – “Two Simple Questions for Success”

The time is NOW for anyone wanting success to make a plan on how to get better for the next season in your life. How do I get better? I get asked this all the time from wrestlers. 

As I think about how I improved so quickly in wrestling, only starting as a 9th grader at Chardon high school and later winning two Ohio State titles in my junior and senior years, including two undefeated seasons, it’s very clear to me how I did it. I CORRECTLY answered…


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New Simulator Tests Job Skills

Article from October 2004, Ward's Dealer Business highlighting the Launch of the Car Sales Simulator

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Importance of Health and Fitness for the Business Leader

I was a Ford Dealer for 15 Years (1991 through 2005) and Founder and Partner of Hire The Winners, one of the fastest growing recruiting companies in the USA.

When I was an athlete nutrition and exercise was a big part of my success, that is why I started ForzaByKemp, a nutrition company in 2012 to address the nutritional needs of athletes, business leaders and anyone seeking great health and wellness. I remember how competitive the car business was when I was a Ford Dealer and…


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Former Automotive Dealer and Founder of Hire The Winners is now a one of IMG's Speakers

Lee Kemp, former Ford Dealer for 14 years, and founder of www.HireTheWinners.com  (Business Recruiting firm), is a keynote speaker, educator, author and seminar presenter who has spoken to audiences around the world. Known as one of the greatest wrestlers in United States history, Lee coached the US Olympic team to victory in Beijing (2008), competed in the Olympics (1980), is a 3x World Champion…


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What’s The Most Important Thing in LIFE?

Winning is very IMPORTANT. I've done my share of winning. Finishing First. The Gold Medal Performance etc., but putting all that aside, what's REALLY the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to living life?

• Is it Winning?

• Is it Fame and Fortune?

• Is it Finding Love and Companionship?

• Is it Merely Trying Hard?

I came across this story and short video recently that drove me to answer the question: What's REALLY the MOST (or one of the most)…


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"A Penny for Your Thoughts?"

Do You Really Know How Powerful you Are?..!

What is real power? Is it Brute Force? Money? Influence? Size? Popularity? Your Position? Your Title? The # of People You Lead? ..... etc...

All of us have the ability to INSTANTLY change the course of our lives. THAT"S RIGHT... INSTANTLY...

What allows us to do that is given to all of us at birth and is with us throughout the rest…


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Do You Really Want to be Like Mike?

We all see the end results... the last second, game winning shot... the fame ... the glory ... the trappings of success... BUT do we really want to go through what it takes.

What am I talking about? ... I'm talking about Success... How ever YOU define it for yourself. Do You Really Want to be Like Mike?

Lee Kemp, an…


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The Key to success is... ?

"The action of adjusting the distance between the lens and subject to make light rays converge to form a clear and sharply defined image of the subject". You probably are wondering "what the heck is he talking about?".... This is a definition from photography. Read on.....

Well, I get asked all the time by young wrestlers how I achieved success so quickly in wrestling:

"I started wrestling in 9th grade and didn't make varsity until 10th grade. The next year in 11th…


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