How come everybody isn't using Google Voice?

Here are 15 reasons why you should be, if you're not already…

This may sound like a commercial, but I am just a fan and user trying to pass on the idea.

  • It's FREE with a GMail account.
  • You can get a new phone number or port over an existing number.
  • You can even choose your new number from an available list in most area codes.
  • You can also have your number include a word or phrase like SALE (7253), if it's available.
  • Free voicemail and call recording (optional).
  • Route incoming calls to as many as 6 different phone numbers simultaneously - one phone number can ring to your office, cell AND home phone!
  • Make calls from your cell phone's data plan with the free Google Voice app (iPhone, Android and even Blackberry) - save your minutes!
  • Add a "Call Me" Button to every page of your website with the Google Voice Widget - customer clicks on it, types in their phone number, Google Voice calls them and then rings the phones you told Google Voice to ring on incoming calls.
  • Free incoming and outgoing calls and text messages to the United States and Canada from your computer with the Google Talk app or Talk PC software from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
  • Ties into your Google contacts, so all your phone numbers are probably already there
  • Maintains a log of your calls, texts and voice mails.
  • Make calls from your Chrome browser with the free Google Voice extension.
  • You can change the phone number or port it to any other carrier at any time
  • Give it out whenever you don't want to share your home, cell and/or work number
  • Car dealerships can use it for call tracking and/or mystery shopping the competition.

by Adam Ross, Managing Director

Infinite Prospects - Online Solutions for Car Dealerships - (201) 448-7253 (SALE)

Sign up for free at Are you convinced? If not, why not? I welcome your comments below. I have no stake in Google or Google Voice, other than that I use it on a daily basis and want to share the knowledge with everyone else.

Contact Adam Ross at (201) 448-7253 (SALE) to schedule your one-on-one technology review for your dealership.

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