The 3 Best Ways to Recruit Top Talent: By Chris Saraceno

As many Business owners and recruiters have found as they aim for hiring talent that contributes on a high level to their business, it is not often as simple as posting an ad and reviewing the first few candidates.
Recruiting, at its most effective, involves a level of direct advertisement so that the team in charge of hiring has a way of weeding out the candidates that don't meet the companies’ standards and to meet to the ones that will add value to a company.
Here are 3 tips along the way that will allow you to streamline the recruiting process and produce the best quite candidates.
1. Job Descriptions are Key
When you move to post an ad for an open position at your company, consider the types of messages you're sending with a job description. Many companies opt to cover the most possibilities by making their descriptions as vague as possible, and while the logic behind this strategy makes sense, the results are not ideal in terms of hiring talent.
A vague opening description tells a broad base of candidates that they may fit the open position's basic requirements. As descriptions become more and more specific, candidates who can only loosely fit the description drop out of the candidate pool. Top talent tends to have a concrete set of skills, and positions built to attract top talent must describe a concrete and specific set of responsibilities.
2. Develop a Model Candidate
In a vacuum, it's exceedingly difficult to tell whether or not an candidate fits the opening in a way that will add value to your business. By developing a model applicant, recruiting becomes based off of a comparison to an ideal candidate.
The key here is knowing what to look for. If you haven't spent some time imagining what your ideal candidate's qualifications look like, you won't have any reference point to judge applicants when hiring talent. Outside of the vacuum, it becomes a clearer judgment whether or not an applicant fits the profile of your ideal candidate, or not.
When the applicant pool for your open position is large, this is especially important to cut through the numbers that will slow the whole process.
3. Use a Proven Tool to Test Candidates
As most business owners have become accustomed to, resumes and cover letters only tell you what the candidate wants to tell you. In most cases, this is different from what you want to know to make sure your decision is the right one when hiring talent. 
To remedy this, consider an aptitude tool, standardized for all applicants that can tell you exactly how they match up in a specific field, and whether they have the tools to succeed in your business. In sales, we use and recommend the Sales Simulator from Hire The Winners and for an Assessment tool we use ZeroRiskHR which measures critical thinking or what other refer to as emotional intelligence.

The Sales Simulator is innovative tool puts applicants through a uniform scenario in which administrators can get a concrete idea of whether or not an applicant has the potential to add value before they're hired. A sales simulator like this one can save considerable interview time, and recruiting budget while producing effecting results that lead to production once an applicant is chosen for hire.

(Note: If your company Does Not have it's own Human Resource Department I do strongly recommend partnering and investing with a Recruiting or Staffing agency: Choose one of the half a dozen excellent Recruiting agency owners that contribute to dE monthly )

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About the Author
Chris Saraceno  is the Vice President and Partner of the Kelly Automotive Group which has dealerships in Pa. and Florida. He works closely with our company President, Partners, General Managers and all other team members to establish clear sales and profitability objectives for all of The Kelly Automotive Group Dealerships. He focuses on profit management, Inventory Management, Vendor relations, Expense management, Budget and Forecasting. His responsibility also includes customer-oriented processes and manufacturer satisfaction levels.
Chris has had many articles published in Automotive Magazine's such as, Auto Success Magazine, Dealer Magazine, in addition he has been a monthly guest speaker on Sean Moffett's Nationally Syndicated radio show ( which focuses on best practices used in today's competitive business world.
He is also has been a member of AutoTrader's Dealer Advisory Board, DealerRater's Dealer Advisory Board, Guest speaker at numerous Business Conferences and is Co-Founder and Partner of
Specialties: Profit, People Process & Procedures, Forecasting, Vendor Negotiation, Expense Management, Inventory Management, and Recruiting Talent.

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I am available, early retired, but healthy, 15 years experience in auto-truck-fleet.  Very accomplished online, I was a pioneer in selling on the Internet.  

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