3 successful fields you can start a business in 2019

The international business landscape has all the characteristics to grow in different areas in 2019. With the millennials rising to leadership and the adoption of technological innovations, there are multiple business opportunities in different sectors, but we will explore the X most successful fields you can start a business in 2019.


Car dealerships will survive even in an autonomous future

The used car market has always been more lucrative than the new one, and this is not expected to change in 2019, even with the introduction of autonomous cars. If you will be the type of dealer who fully engages with their customers and promotes the dealership to the right people, you can run a business in one of the most profitable niches in the world.

Worldwide, the car market is twice in size than the new car one, and this means that the overall demand for purchasing used vehicles is higher than the volume of new models put on sale. This should be seen as an opportunity by investors, a car dealership has great chances to succeed in the present market.

The average buyer is tech savvy, but it’s also aware that it’s more value in investing in a used car, than in autonomous one. By keeping this in mind you can run a dealership that sells high-quality cars by supplying your stock with modern models. While some hurry to state that the business world will change for car dealers, many industry experts state that until autonomous vehicles will be allowed to operate across the world people need valid cars to drive, so you should take advantage of this.

Since the first dealership was ever established, there has always been a buyer for every seller, and with the rising demand of more cars, you can expect 2019 to be a profitable year for this business.

Forex trading is more profitable than ever

If you are more the type of person who prefers to do business from home, and you don’t like face-to-face interactions then Forex trading can prove a profitable field for you. Why do we say this? For a market that trades trillions of dollars daily in volume, there’s no reason to have doubts that you can earn income. Like any other business, Forex trading has its risks, but considering the worldwide fluid currency market, you have great chances to make a profit.

You should have an appetite for risk if you choose this field to start a business, no one can guarantee you that all your trades will prove successful, but you can be sure that most of them will be. If you want to minimise your risks you have to learn more about building an effective risk management strategy. Checking the recommendations Forex trading forums offer to minimise the risks associated with this investment.

You need a definite strategy to trade currency profitably. No one can tell you what the wrong or right strategy is, you will have to determine it according to your goals. Sometimes a certain strategy works for a certain currency pair in a market, but it’s not effective for another pair in another market. You need discipline to stick with your plan, emotional trading is the first step to downfall. If you are new to this, spending time doing research on a forum, can provide you the guidance you need.

Investing in artificial intelligence and automation can make you rich

The not-so-exciting part about this is that you have to spend time researching how to invest in this field. People state that the rise of intelligent machines is the fourth industrial revolution and it will probably disrupt the business world in a positive way. Considering the worker shortfall the manufacturing industries are experiencing worldwide, the integration of automated solutions seems the right choice and the only choice.

If the AI industry continues to grow at the present rate, we can expect by 2025 to bring more than $1 trillion in revenue. No company has created a product that fits all purposes; they rather focused on building task-oriented machines and software. Commercializing AI products is still in the early ages but it’s the perfect moment for you to search among the companies that have chances to succeed. Before investing in a certain product or company, you should gain exposure to the industry and understand the core operations and steps implied by the process.

AI and automation promise to be the most exciting fields for investors because they have all the features they need to grow. The industry may be in its early days but if you invest in the right brand or product, you have chances to become one of the leading supporters of an emerging niche.

These are the three main fields we consider to be successful in 2019. Choose the one that better suits your skills and goals.

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