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Video marketing tips that will set your automotive dealership apart from the crowd

The immediate results suggest that the automotive industry is set for an expansion this year, as social distancing measures and concerns about the novel coronavirus has prompted consumers to invest in personal transportation. The global pandemic has fuelled the comeback of cars, pummelling sales like no other crisis in history. In the eyes of regular people, vehicles are the ultimate personal protection equipment, finding it…


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Consumer behavior: the modern car buyer’s needs and expectations

Technology is transforming and revolutionizing everything around us, from the way we interact to the way we perform our daily activities. All industries have been deeply impacted by technological innovation and the automotive market is a great example of that. But is technology alone the driving force of progress in the automotive landscape or are there other factors in the equation? 

The truth is that the greatest…


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Tips for an automotive dealership implementing significant renovations

Automakers from all over the world are introducing new design looks for their dealerships in an effort to increase the impact of the physical showrooms. Car buyers begin contact with the dealer by walking into the facility, which is why the look and functioning of the building still matters. As a matter of fact, automotive dealership facility design is…


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Navigating through the sea of marketing methods car dealerships use in the digital age

Convincing people to make a purchase is an art of its own, no matter what you sell. But, if we were to compare selling cars with marketing beauty products, the former would be more challenging because cars are more expensive items. Lucky for you, they are also essential parts in someone’s life, so when they step inside a dealership, they’ve already decided to make the purchase. The only problem could be that they can’t find exactly what they need. In fact,…


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Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Car Dealership – A Step by Step Guide

To build customer trust and become an excellent leader, any entrepreneur needs an effective branding strategy for their business. It’s essential to keep in touch and communicate better with your potential and existing customers, answer all their questions, and build a strong connection. By doing so, you’ll…


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4 Effective Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Car Dealership

The goal of any effective branding strategy is to become an excellent leader for your business and build customer trust. Create different ways to communicate better with both existing and potential clients. Answering all their questions and provide them with attention can help you build a strong and long-lasting connection. You’ll highlight more your company’s values and create a better image among your competitors. Creative marketing is a must for car…


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4 technologies that are shifting trucking and fleet management

Not long ago, the transport industry has been hesitant to adopt smart technologies in their essential and general activities. However, they soon realized the impact of modern technologies in the practice of management and conduct of business. Fleet managers and drivers altogether are striving to improve safety and productivity.

Starting from this point, we cannot ignore the fact that technologies such as trailer…


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Car dealerships are moving online – Are we looking at the future of automotive retail?

Buying an automobile during the coronavirus pandemic seems quite outrageous. However, it’s necessary to have a means of getting around, whether you’re allowed to go to work or planning to head over to the supermarket to buy weeks’ worth of supplies. Owing to the legal and technical obstacles, the car buying experience has become contactless. At least, it didn’t become obsolete. 

Car dealerships are moving their…


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Guidelines for aspiring car dealers – how to open a dealership

You’re not the only car enthusiast who dreams of becoming a car dealer. And you have many reasons to start a business in the automotive industry because it’s one of the titans of the world economy. There will always be a need for cars (new and used), at least until people come up with a more efficient mean of transportation. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get from London to Barcelona in 10 seconds with the help of a portal? But for now, vehicles are the best…


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Do consumers really value fuel-efficient vehicles?

Having a car is essential these days. Not only does it give you the opportunity to travel long distances but also the car provides status. An automobile is the ultimate status symbol. With cars, what you drive on the road matters. If you drive, for instance, a Ford, which has attracted generations, that says a lot about you. Ford cars are renowned for the fact that they ensure a smooth, safe, and excellent driving experience. In spite of economic woes, vehicle…


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How to Promote Your Car Dealership?

Are you looking for brilliant car dealership marketing ideas to promote your business and increase your sales? If you are tired of seeing the same content on every website and social media page, try to use these new, brilliant car dealership marketing ideas. If you can’t accomplish all, at least you can be inspired by them.…


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Clearing up the air: All about fume collection in the auto industry

The automotive industry is one of the many air pollution contributors, producing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, as well as other types of pollution. Activities such as robotic welding create hazardous metal fumes, which need to be collected to the source as close as possible. There’s no reason to threat, though, because the car sector is doing its best to keep the air clean for all of us. To be more precise, the manufacturing processes have been adapted and…


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5 ways to increase your dealership business's revenue

A dealership can be a very profitable business whether you sell used or brand-new cars. However, sometimes you may not get as much revenue as you were expecting from your dealership business. Here are 5 ways to increase your profit from your dealership company:  

  1. Offer prepaid maintenance programs 

Offering prepaid…


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3 successful fields you can start a business in 2019

The international business landscape has all the characteristics to grow in different areas in 2019. With the millennials rising to leadership and the adoption of technological innovations, there are multiple business opportunities in different sectors, but we will explore the X most successful fields you can start a business in 2019.



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New car safety features aim to reduce road accidents

In the last several years, road safety has become an alarmingly increasing issue and a public health problem. The number of fatal and disabling road accidents happening is increasing day by day all over the world resulting in transforming road accidents in the tenth-leading cause of all deaths globally.  Studies suggest that an estimated number of 1.2 million people are killed in road accidents each year, as almost 50 million people are severely injured. Developing countries are implementing…


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Important considerations before buying your first car

Pollution became a matter of great importance in the past few years, considering the impact it has on thousands of millions of people. The inhabitants of the most polluted countries suffer health issues that drastically reduce their quality of life. Waste, which is produced from anthropogenic activities, can ultimately impact the food chains of a country by damaging the soil and groundwater.

The elements that contribute to polluting the soil and groundwater are numerous, but the most…


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Keeping your car safe – features and measures you should know about

When investing thousands of dollars in a car, you simply can’t afford to have it stolen or damaged. After spending that amount of cash in a vehicle, you should definitely be open to the idea of spending a couple of hundreds more on some features that are supposed to keep your car safe in the long run. Most vehicles today are packed with features that keep the driver safe, so you just have to focus on keeping the vehicle itself safe. This is a short guide on what measures you need to take…


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Car dealership advertising ideas to try in 2019

The car selling industry is a competitive one, and some auto dealers are struggling to maintain their businesses profitable. For some companies it is difficult to reach possible customers, because they do not have any idea how to market their business. It requires some fresh and unique marketing strategies to impress the audience nowadays, and to attract people’s attention. If you find yourself in this position, then the following advertising ideas will help you enter the car selling…


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Automotive marketing done by the book – boosting the success of your car dealership

Automotive marketing isn’t an easy responsibility, and considering the increasing number of car dealerships opened lately, maintaining your business a relevant option for your target audience can be challenging. Besides offering your customers appealing prices and making sure your customer service is in-check, the way you choose to market your business is critical. Marketing plays an essential role in competitive industries, it allows you to gain the exposure desired and create a powerful…


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Thinking of replacing your tyres? Read This first

So, you would like to own your own business and maybe make some money so that you do not tie yourself into lengthy mortgages. That is absolutely wonderful. Many people think about becoming self-employed yet fail to do something because they are afraid. But not you. You are ready to take the plunge and you are actually thinking about using your personal vehicle for business purposes. Speaking of which, you will want to have an enjoyable and luxurious driving. There is no better time than now…


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