How To Tackle Your First Automotive Exhibition and Gain Business Exposure

An automotive exhibition stand for a motor exhibition or car exhibition. It is considered being a public display of existing automobile models, introduction to latest technology, concepts about cars or future models that will be introduced in market. Many automotive industry representatives attend the exhibition, traders, automobile reporters, and car experts. Most of the industries exhibit their automotive twice in a year. This exhibition plays an essential role for the car manufacturers and local traders. These industrialists and traders play an important role in relative public exercise. These exhibitions have occurred for the popularity of the brand.

First Automotive Exhibition:

Arranging an automotive exhibition is a difficult task. The industrialists try their best to present their automobiles uniquely. In the field of automotive industry these exhibitions play a role of lifeblood. There are numerous automotive displays arranged many times in a year across the world. Someone who wants to display his automotive for the very first time, it is a difficult task to exhibit cars. It is the fight of every industrialist to beat their competitors in this long run. It helps the beginners to gain experiences in the field of businesses. They learn the different ways of increasing profit through an exhibition. Make sure to use display stands in your exhibition.

Essential Tips to start First Automotive Exhibition

Assume that you have prepared the entire plan for your first display. Here are the vital tips for the first automotive exhibition. These ideas help you to increase your production level, your investment in a more profitable way. These essential tips are as follows.

Cruise Nights:

Cruise night means a causal gathering of car supporters. It will give you a golden chance to display the vehicles that you have. So cruise is the best option to start. In this cruise, you can talk with participants even with some industrialists. They can give you a more proper guideline about your car than anyone else.

The setting of the budget:

It is the most critical part of planning an exhibition. The budget for a display is prepared earlier. This is important to make the list of total exhibit cars. You have to calculate the money that will be made from attendance, sales, and draws.

Old-fashioned car:

 This is an excellent idea to present vintage and antique in your first exhibition. You can buy these cars from different sites of Auto Traders classics. The Internet is the best sources to get information about the vehicle you are interested in buying. You can find the price range of a car and also including the report of its patterns on the internet. The Internet is a place where you can find various vintage and old fashioned cars. You can buy automotive easily on the internet for your exhibition.

Selection of a venue:

It’s all your choice to select the place of displaying your cars. You must choose a venue which is affordable and in your budget.  If you have your shop or workshop, so it’s a benefit for you. You can exhibit your cars in the shop that you own instead of booking another venue.

Need of Permit:

The number of required permits are different, and they can vary greatly vary from city to city. The licenses which you need for your exhibition are these: Street termination, building, and security, selling, services for food vendors, the traffic control department, fire sector, police department, etc. These are the permits which are very important for the exhibition.  

Make partner:

An exhibition is a place where you have to run all around, and it cannot go unattended. It is a full-time stand job. So it is also advice or a tip that never go alone in the exhibition. In every five minutes, if your position is to go unattended, it will cause you loss. So it’s better for you to arrange any partner with you. Before making anyone your partner, you have to check different abilities in them.

Dress according to the exhibition:

Venues for the show are not the same all the time. These venues can vary all the way from intensely cold to very hot. So you have to dress according to the temperature of the day. Dress comfortably yet professionally in the exhibition of your product. It is easy to display a fabulous product, but your staff can quickly ruin it. So it’s better to choose the easy costume.


You have to appear in your exhibition at the good time.  Sometimes packing of cables and parking space may create problems, so it’s better to have any friend or partner with you.

Don’t swoop:

The people who visit your exhibition know very well about their taste in cars. There is no need to pounce on your guests.  Sometimes they don’t know what they are looking for, and you can guide them better. But again don’t try to jump at them. This behavior of yours may irritate your guests.

Keep a note:

The professionals always make a note of their surroundings. Your prime goal in your exhibition is to win repeat business rather than making sales. This acquires real discipline where your position is busy, and you can also help yourself by creating pro designs. Greet your visitors with smiles and make a note of promises you made with your visitors.

These tips can help you in arranging your first automotive exhibition. You can enhance your business by setting up meetings with different companies and with the help of social media. You can use different strategies for the exposure of your business. These strategies involve:

Emails and newsletters

Emails and newsletters are the best way to keep in touch with your customers.

Be social:

You have to become social. Social networking sites are the best way to promote your business. You need to share your involvement and understanding of social media it will help you to increase your business. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the best platforms to attract customers.

Take reviews:

Reviews are very important for the establishment of any business. The feedback of your customer is the golden key for your business. Don’t hesitate to ask for reviews on social media like on Google+, Facebook and Yelp.

These strategies and tips can help you with your first exhibition. Start with investing in quality exhibition stands and continue with all the tips listed in this article. You can also learn from the experiences of other people.


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