Simple tech upgrades: bring your vehicle into the 21st century

Do you dream about having a new, redesigned SUV but you cannot afford it? Do you want to enjoy the tech upgrades associated with a modern vehicle but you cannot break the emotional connection built over the years with your decades-old junk car? Have you recently bought a used car but you do not want others to think that you are a money grubber? If the answer to at least one of the questions mentioned above is “yes”, then you should know that it is more than possible to give your old car a technology upgrade without breaking the bank. Some of the fixes that will bring your vehicle into the 21st century demand professional knowledge, but you can dare to tackle some basic tasks that will ensure your passengers a smoother ride. Do you want to have better tires, enjoy better control on your old car, upgrade audio inputs, integrate gadgets or add a mobile operating system? The good news is that you can benefit from all these upgrades, maybe not all at once, but we all know the saying “slowly but surely”.  


Invest in the car itself before adding tech features

Keeping all of the above in mind, most driving enthusiasts who already see themselves behind the wheel of an impressive vehicle probably wonder: where do I start? Well, before moving on to the most popular technological innovations reshaping the automotive industry, it is important to focus on the basics. There are numerous tech upgrades that can make your old car smarter including a Bluetooth audio receiver, a smart car dongle, a dash cam and a wireless charging stand. These names might sound quite appealing for those who do not have much experience when it comes to driving but connoisseurs are fully aware that you should not invest in modern additions without making some necessary or much-desired alterations to the vehicle itself first. Furthermore, those who own old cars should definitely pay more attention to maintenance in order to enjoy a good performance in the long term. For instance, getting one of the best sets of tires out there will instantly make a huge difference when trying to reach from point A to point B. Therefore, drivers should opt for long-lasting tires suitable for the weather in their region to avoid potential issues while on the road.

User-friendly add-ons for drivers owning old vehicles

Shocks and struts but also sway bars represent minor DIY upgrades that all drivers owning a crappy vehicle should consider in order to really feel like they are in control of their ride. After covering these basics, the great part follows because they have the possibility to make a big change in what concerns sound quality by upgrading the stereo systems, opt for user-friendly add-ons that fit into their budget, such as head units, Wi-Fi pebbles, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth transmitters but also gadgets that have the purpose to entertain the entire family including installable DVD players and phone mount or music player. Do you want more? Well, you should know that you can upgrade your old car with new-car tech by adding seat heaters and massagers, a rearview camera and parking sensors. Heated seats represent a cozy upgrade that will help you and your passengers enjoy the comfort of a spa while traveling. It does not matter if your old or used car does not have these features, you do not have to fall behind. Parking sensors are ideal not for comfort, but for safety and convenience because it helps you avoid fender benders and scratched doors.

Vehicle cameras ensure safety and give peace of mind

When it comes to vehicle cameras, they no longer represent an optional feature, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The main reason lies in the number of accidents caused by blind spots. Therefore, analyzing the most affordable rearview cameras available on the market and choosing to install one without professional help should not exceed $150. In fact, if you explore different online offers, you will most likely get away with a quality rearview camera at a lower price. Of course, we cannot discuss rearview cameras without mentioning dash cameras for vehicles, which are ideal for evidence in case you get involved in a serious accident or someone tries to break into your car. Blackvue DR900s dash cam for instance, has everything that a driver might expect, from video fidelity to storage efficiency. Some dash cameras even come with a time-lapse feature that allows the user to not only make videos but also share them by using a purpose-designed app. Considering that automotive manufacturers have put technology at the forefront in the past years, there are numerous other modern features that driving enthusiast can add to their old vehicles.

Modern additions that all drivers should consider

Since entertainment is not more important than safety, drivers should focus more on tech upgrades that have the purpose to protect everyone in the car during road trips, vacations or just short rides from point A to point B. Thus, car alarm, remote starter and object proximity sensors represent vital tech upgrades that offer peace of mind when getting behind the wheel. Those who live in regions with extreme temperatures or sudden weather changes would benefit greatly from a remote car starter, which will prove to be more convenient. Some people view it as a lazy addition while others consider it a necessity so it is up to every driver to assess his daily needs and decide if it is worth the investment. Object proximity sensors are pretty neat, without any doubt. Apart from being a basic feature of the latest cars, it sends signals to the vehicle’s internal unit to alert the driver that a person or another vehicle approaches the rear of the vehicle. Another equally useful addition refers to lane departure warning, which is perfect for those mornings when you do not have enough time to enjoy a delicious coffee. 


In conclusion, from Bluetooth integration, rearview and dash cams, object proximity sensors and remote starter to head-up display, upgraded infotainment, seat seaters and massagers, drivers can use various smart tech features to bring their old car into the 21st century.

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