Navigating through the sea of marketing methods car dealerships use in the digital age

Convincing people to make a purchase is an art of its own, no matter what you sell. But, if we were to compare selling cars with marketing beauty products, the former would be more challenging because cars are more expensive items. Lucky for you, they are also essential parts in someone’s life, so when they step inside a dealership, they’ve already decided to make the purchase. The only problem could be that they can’t find exactly what they need. In fact, only 1 in 3 customers know the exact model of vehicle they want to buy

But you’re not operating alone in the industry. The market is quite competitive, and it can be hard to succeed when you lack experience. Fortunately, the industry can work in your favor if you keep up with the latest trends and come up with updated marketing strategies ahead of your competitors. This is the right moment to count on online marketing to promote your services because 95% of vehicle purchasers use the Internet as a source of information. So, your best chance to succeed is to have a long-term marketing plan to support your efforts. 

Optimise your content for voice search

In 2016, Google introduced the Google Home service, and its CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that their latest surveys show that 20% of online queries are made via a voice assistant. To put it in numbers, over 111 million people use voice search at least once a month. Experts predict that this number will reach 122 million by next year. 

If your dealership’s website isn’t properly optimised to respond to voice search, you’re missing out on valuable clients and Internet traffic. You’re operating a business in the digital age, so you must integrate an omnichannel approach into your marketing strategy that determines the type of content you post on social media, your official website, and paid ads. A poorly optimised website doesn’t receive a high Needs Met rating from the Google Algorithm, and clients don’t receive it as a suggestion when they search for services you may provide. 

When an Internet user types a query, they use keywords because they can type only 40 words per minute, and they try to be effective. But they can verbalise 150 words per minute, so when they use voice assistants, they utter more complex phrases and a conversational tone to ask the same question. 

To optimise the content for voice search, you must use long-tail keywords and identify the questions your clients may ask. Instead of using keywords like Kia dealership Florida, you’ll integrate phrases like best Kia dealership near me

Use messaging apps to communicate with your prospects

Even if everyone has a smartphone, most hate to speak to people they don’t know, so they prefer writing messages. Trends show that messaging apps are more popular than phone or video calls. 1.6 billion people use WhatsApp monthly, 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger and 294 million Snapchat. If you add them to your present communication tool, your dealership will stand out from your competitors because most car sellers rely on emails to communicate with the clients who avoid voice calls. But it’s more time consuming to write and send emails than to send a message via one of the above apps. 

Messaging apps are a hot trend in digital marketing because they improve user experience, enhance flexibility, promote networking, and boost appointment performance. In 2020, over 20 million organisations use Facebook Messenger to communicate with their clients because people enjoy messaging more than email. Also, messaging apps include chatbots so you can respond to messages even after hours. Speaking of chatbots, they can complete more operations because they can also send reminders to clients to inform them about their appointments.

Personalise content with the help of artificial intelligence

Nowadays, all clients want to feel special, so they long for personalised experiences when they interact with a business. But sometimes you may fail to build a good customer relationship because you sacrifice data accuracy for personalisation or vice versa. The key to creating personalised content that is relevant for your clients is to find a balance, and AI tools can help you. 

When you use AI, make sure you don’t over-customise data because your clients want to feel you know them, but you’re not too obtrusive. The first impression is essential, so you need to balance lead insights with personalised information. It’s your chance to prove to your clients that you can provide them with the services they need, so when you deliver content, focus on the vehicle brand, colour, model and price they’re interested and trim their experience. 

AI tools are excellent for dealerships because they allow you to track data to check if your personalisation efforts are effective. If they meet the performance indicators, you set when you started the marketing campaign. 

Start a blog

You probably heard it a thousand times; content is king. And the statement couldn’t be more accurate in the digital era. When working on your marketing strategy, focus your efforts on creating high-quality content that feeds your clients with the information they find essential. The best way to share valuable content with your clients is to integrate a blog section into your website. An auto dealer blog can include articles like 2020 KIA Soul review, Best Car For Beginners, How To Choose A Truck, and other similar subjects.

Hire an experienced content writer to create articles that provide useful and quality content for your public. The purpose of the blog is to drive visitors to your official website and convince readers to share your articles with their friends and family. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful advertising techniques, so take advantage of it. Publishing regularly on your blog also boosts your SEO, and tells search engines that you are active and act as an expert in your field. Your goal is to sell as many cars as possible, and the best way to do it is by positioning yourself as an authority in the automotive industry. 

The world of marketing may seem complicated when you first interact with it, but as you navigate it, you understand that it relies on the requirements of the market. Once you identify them, you can easily cater methods that attract clients. 

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