Tips for an automotive dealership implementing significant renovations

Automakers from all over the world are introducing new design looks for their dealerships in an effort to increase the impact of the physical showrooms. Car buyers begin contact with the dealer by walking into the facility, which is why the look and functioning of the building still matters. As a matter of fact, automotive dealership facility design is just as important as the online presence. Large automakers with years in the industry engage in fastidious renovation projects. Smaller automobile dealers do the best they can with the capital they have. 

Stores need to be renovated to enhance the customer’s experience and project a more modern look. As soon as you determine that the dealership facility isn’t going to work anymore, what’s the best path to pursue? If you’re planning to renovate extensively, keep in mind the following tips. 

Reach out to an experienced construction firm 

Get the right professionals to handle all aspects of the renovation process. You’ll want a team with years of experience that is completely devoted to the project. Identifying a trustworthy construction company that can do the job with minimal disruptions is difficult and requires careful consideration. Countless things need to be taken into consideration, besides experience and reliability. So, what should you be paying close attention to? 

The construction company must have a good understanding of architectural design. To be more precise, they should easily understand your vision for the showroom and work closely with the architecture team. The construction team should be able to offer new solutions in complex situations and perhaps add novelty to the architectural design. Unfortunately, not all constructors are familiar with the critical aspects of architectural design, which can lead to a great many issues, such as misusing building materials. 

Failure to adapt to technological change isn’t a good sign. Any construction company should embrace digital transformation and deploy innovative technologies like drones or spider lifts, otherwise known as compact crawler lifts. This enables them to be competitive in a crowded marketplace. Make sure the construction company you will be working with is focused on innovation. Ultimately, the best construction company is the one that meets your needs. If you want impressive architecture that stands the test of time, choose wisely. 

Ask car buyers what they like and what they would change 

This might seem like an outrageous idea, but you’re ultimately renovating to improve the customer experience. Ask car buyers what they like about the showroom and what they don’t. Maybe they can suggest possible changes. As a rule, people are frank and honest, so you’ll be able to obtain helpful feedback. Let the world know that you’re looking for a design solution and ask people to help you out with the challenges you’re currently dealing with. It benefits the building you’re designing and it matters for the community you’re serving. 

It’s important to go back to the automotive dealership after a few years and still be proud of the result. People want to see evidence of competence and measure the effectiveness of the design. Surprising or not, the design of the showroom is the most significant element when it comes to securing sales. Since property renovation is such a time-consuming and complicated process, you’ll want to ensure you’re not wasting valuable resources. It’s a great thing to have professional expertise, but you’ll want input from regular people too. 

One area that is commonly overlooked is the customer waiting area. People don’t enjoy spending time here, so the best that you can hope to achieve is creating a tolerable space. Adding a flat TV may not be enough. If you were to ask car buyers what they want, they would inevitably tell you that they would like you to vary it up. What does this mean? It simply means putting in games in the waiting room. The cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining the gaming machines depends on the complexity of the apparatus. 

Minimize downtime during the renovation process 

Vehicle sales haven’t dropped in spite of the fact that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Many families have small kids and the uncertainty of public transit isn’t encouraging. They are seeking protection, safety, and control. People have come to the conclusion that they are better protected from the deadly virus in their own cars, not to mention that automotive dealerships are offering non-negligible price deductions. The point is that automotive dealerships are busier than ever. 

In addition to the total cost of the project, think about how the renovation will affect and disrupt daily operations. You won’t have the ideal facility to pitch your products. Here’s one thing you can do: have the renovation plan completed in a couple of days. In other words, speed up things. Collect extensive measurements to prepare the showroom drawings and consult with your employees. It can be done, but make sure that everyone is on board. Another thing you can do is to schedule work at night or at the weekends. This way, the automotive dealership will be open at all times and you can warmly welcome clients. 

If you’re considering implementing significant renovations, you should better think again. It’s recommended to simplify the plan a little bit. The steps that you eliminate will lessen the risk of delays or complications. Expensive floor preparations, for instance, may lead to compatibility issues, which are costly and time-consuming to fix. Stick to simple tiles and you won’t have any headaches. It’s just one example. Work closely with the construction firm and develop a plan that meets your needs, wants, and wishes. 

The bottom line is that renovating is secondary to service. Car buyers should be your number one priority. Much of the world has changed in recent times, but one thing is the same. People’s insatiable appetite for vehicles isn’t going to change any time soon. Make sure the job is completed in a timely manner. Consider multiple phases of renovation, as this will help your business survive in the busy sales season. 

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