5 Marketing Trends Every Company Needs to Know In 2022

Businesses across all industries must invest heavily in marketing. In an almost entirely digital world, there is no denying that implementing marketing strategies is of the utmost importance for your company to achieve business growth and gain awareness. In exchange, you have a higher chance of making a profit. So, looking ahead to 2022, all signs point towards the importance of marketing within the company.


This necessity comes at a time when consumers' expectations have increased exponentially. Not only do they demand high-quality customer service and fast delivery from e-commerce and online businesses, but they are also more analytical when it comes to how a brand markets itself and how transparent it is. As a result, no matter what type of business you have, be it a car dealership or an e-commerce company, it is crucial to be aware of the latest marketing trends so you can adopt and adapt them to your business model.

Convenience, transparency, and innovation are among the demands consumers have nowadays. On top of this, companies need to prioritize data-driven marketing strategies, given that 70% of millennials are fed up with receiving irrelevant emails from various brands. 

With this in mind, the following article discusses five of the latest marketing trends that every company should take into consideration in the upcoming year:

  1. Better integration of AI technology 

With the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, companies are better equipped to understand changing customer behaviors by being able to improve the customer service software. With conversational AI, you can implement automated and specific responses when customers have various queries. Based on this, you can direct the customers to the department in question, which can help them resolve their issues or find an answer to a particular problem. 

Moreover, when it comes to digital marketing, AI has become a fundamental part. This will not change in 2022. In fact, integration of AI technology within digital marketing strategies is more necessary than ever if you want your company to keep up with the demand and latest industry trends. What AI technology does exceptionally well is to support a company in conducting more accurate business forecasting. 

Therefore, an AI tool is capable of analyzing and generating precise data and extrapolations businesses can use to understand current demand and future growth better. This way, your marketing strategies are better tailored and more relevant. 

  1. Enhance the customer experience through AR

Given the fact that so many individuals worldwide use smartphones on a daily basis, it doesn't come as a surprise that Augmented Reality technology is such an emerging trend when it comes to marketing strategies. This technology is an excellent and highly effective method of combining the digital and physical environment. For this reason, the retail industry has adopted this technology in an attempt to keep customers interested in coming to brick-and-mortar stores. 

The customer experience should be at the top of the priority list for any type of business. Without a loyal customer base, the future of the company can be negatively affected. AR technology incorporated in marketing strategies, which can ensure more personalized and targeted advertising, is an effective way of achieving business growth. 

Such an immersive customer experience gives individuals the opportunity to customize their shopping by adding different features through AR. For example, industries like automotive and fashion have used this technology successfully. 

  1. Content marketing is a priority

A marketing trend that will undoubtedly remain a priority in 2022 as well is content marketing. For this reason, businesses that haven't invested much in providing SEO-friendly content should seriously consider optimizing their websites for search engines. In order to successfully implement content marketing and see ROI, it is recommended you hire a marketing and business growth specialist with vast expertise in search engine optimization and this method of marketing that can improve conversion and increase website traffic.

A newer trend when it comes to content marketing is voice search optimization. Because there is a high demand and increased use of virtual assistant technology like Alexa or Siri, businesses should look into optimizing the content for individuals who use voice-activated software to search the internet.

  1. Micro-influencer marketing can drive good results

No one can deny the power social media influencers have on purchases. Indeed, with so many influencers emerging in the last couple of years, one might consider the market saturated. However, with 87% of individuals stating that influencers helped them make a purchase, it is certain that influencer marketing remains a relevant element of the marketing mix. With this digital marketing tool, brands can get closer to their target audience with the help of a relatable yet rather famous content creator. 

In the upcoming year, micro-influencer marketing is beginning to take shape. While these creators have a much lower follower base than a celebrity or macro-influencer – who can reach a million followers or more – these small-scale influencers can have a higher impact on their minor yet loyal audience. 

Another reason why you might want to collaborate with a micro-influencer in 2022 is that their followers regard them as experts and value their opinions or recommendations. If the micro-influencers' brand aligns with yours, your product or service is more likely to capture the attention of a large number of people. This audience will be more inclined to try it out when recommended by someone whose opinion they value.  

  1. Video content marketing remains relevant

According to a report done by the technology and networking hardware company Cisco, by 2022, 82% of the online traffic on the internet will be video content. From a marketing perspective, research studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video featuring this product in a creative way, such as a product demo or a tutorial. 

This growing demand can be noticed for a while now, with Instagram introducing IGTV, reels and stories, and the increasing popularity of TikTok. For this reason, digital marketers and businesses of all kinds should keep in mind that video must remain a vital part of their content marketing strategy. With 2022 just around the corner, it is best to roll up your sleeves and start brainstorming with your marketing department.

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