Car dealership advertising ideas to try in 2019

The car selling industry is a competitive one, and some auto dealers are struggling to maintain their businesses profitable. For some companies it is difficult to reach possible customers, because they do not have any idea how to market their business. It requires some fresh and unique marketing strategies to impress the audience nowadays, and to attract people’s attention. If you find yourself in this position, then the following advertising ideas will help you enter the car selling industry and create a name for yourself. The auto industry is rich in marketing creativity, and some marketing ideas are truly brilliant, so it would be a pity not to inspire from these examples.


Plan a party

Car dealers have a unique business position in their local communities, but many of them do not consider the option of planning a large-scale event a good marketing strategy, and this is a mistake. This is one of the best strategies, companies from multiple industries use to build their reputation. If your business is located in a city close to a beach, you should organise a beach party, every summer. Depending on the theme of the party, it can be a formal or less formal event. Some parties require the guests to have swimwear, while others imply the guests to wear something comfortable.

It would be a good idea, the organising team to wear Hawaiian clothes. In case you do not have where to organise a party, you should think of an activity that offers you the possibility to meet prospective clients.

Your dealership should be a dog-friendly business

You have probably noticed that not many businesses are dog friendly. You can stand out on the market for being the only dealership that allows your clients’ fur-friends to check the cars together with their owners. The fact is that nowadays more and more people consider essential to adopt a pet, and the persons who have dogs are always looking for opportunities to take their pets with them, when they leave the house. Go a step further, and use your own dog as the brand ambassador of the dealership. Post pictures of your dog at the dealership on your website and social media pages. This marketing strategy will help you show your clients that you have a unique culture. It will help you engage your customers emotionally.

Organise a contest

Not all marketing ideas have the potential to introduce you to new potential clients, but if you organise a contest, you definitely have great chances to boost your reputation. An idea would be to organise a contest for the ugliest car from the town. All the locals should be invited to send pictures of their ugly cars. You should upload them on a platform that offers people the possibility to vote. Make sure that you offer a cash prize for your contest, because it will attract more participants. In order the contest to be successful, you should advertise it properly. Use multiple marketing means, both traditional and modern. Use RAL display stands, radio and TV ads, and social media ads to let the world know that you are organising a contest. This is a fun and creative marketing idea, not only car dealership, but all types of businesses can use it.

Start a quiz on social media

If you want to convince the audience to buy from you, you need to know your prospective buyers. The more details you know about your clients, the more personalised your promotional material would be. When you create content for a popup stand you have to make sure that your clients will find it interesting. The better you tailor your ads, the greater are the chances people to choose your business. But, it is quite difficult to gather information about your prospective clients. Start a quiz regularly, and ask your audience certain questions that can help you find out their preferences and behaviour when it comes to cars. By the end of every quiz, you will gather more details about prospective clients, and you will build a complex database.

Offer promotions

People love discounts and promotions. If you want to convince people to buy from you, you should offer them something unique, a promotion they cannot find anywhere else. For example, you can tell your clients that everyone who will purchase a car more expensive than $10,000 on the Easter Day will get a $1000 discount. You will soon see that the number of clients will grow on a day you have very few chances to make a single sale.

Do not forget the traditional advertising means

The traditional media channels are still effective, only that people are using them less, because they consider easier to post ads with the help of the Internet. Focus your attention towards outdoor advertising, print, radio and television. It is essential to building a brand that keeps your name in the top of clients’ preferences.

If you want to focus your marketing strategies on television, you should count on storytelling, because it is a strategy that seems to get great results lately. Television has been an effective advertising mean for dealerships for many decades, and it can still be, if you get your brand on TV.

If you are looking for a way to speak directly to your clients, then you should create a radio ad. It is important to create a captivating radio ad, because the majority of people are listening to the radio when they are in the traffic. If you hit the airwaves with the right promo, you have chances to earn new clients.

Mail marketing still is a successful marketing strategy. You should print your offers and send them directly to your clients’ addresses. If you reach the right persons, the number of sales will immediately increase.

Out-of-home advertising is another traditional marketing mean, you should take advantage of, because it comes with countless opportunities. It will help you build brand awareness and it will generate sales, because it will let people know that you have expertise in the field.


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