Keeping your car safe – features and measures you should know about

When investing thousands of dollars in a car, you simply can’t afford to have it stolen or damaged. After spending that amount of cash in a vehicle, you should definitely be open to the idea of spending a couple of hundreds more on some features that are supposed to keep your car safe in the long run. Most vehicles today are packed with features that keep the driver safe, so you just have to focus on keeping the vehicle itself safe. This is a short guide on what measures you need to take regarding your car’s security. By applying the tips that you find below, you can say goodbye to the worries that keep you up at night. Here’s what you should know:


Invest in a garage

If you live in an area where space is not an issue, you should definitely invest in a garage. This is the safest method to store your car during the night or when you don’t use it. Of course, the necessary space for a garage is a luxury that not many people can afford. In case you are a few of the lucky ones who can invest in a garage, do it without second thoughts. It won’t cost as much as you think and it will give you maximum security for your vehicle. Moreover, the garage is a great way to store items that are related to car maintenance. A garage also protects your vehicle from bad weather conditions, a feature that road parking won’t offer to you.

…or find the best parking spot

People who can’t invest in a garage should pay more attention to where they park their vehicles. Parking the vehicle right in front of your house is a popular practice, but it’s not always the best measure to take in terms of car security. The ideal parking spot is well-lit, in an area where surveillance cameras are active. A surveillance camera is paramount because it adds a layer of protection that will help you tremendously in the eventuality of an unfortunate event. If you are willing to pay for a private parking lot, make sure to park close to the lot’s attendant. 

Use anti-theft devices

With the latest advancements in terms of technology, many gadgets entered the market in terms of car anti-theft precautions. Investing some of your money into these devices is a must to keep your vehicle protected. You will get your peace of mind at a cheap price. Consider this option especially if you live in an area that has a bad reputation regarding car thieves. Some of the theme might be considered quite extreme, while others are discrete and easy to use. Here’s a list of anti-theft devices you can buy:

  • Steering wheel locks

These devices must be mounted and unmounted each time you go in or out of the vehicle. Even though it’s not the most comfortable to use, this device is still among the most popular ones in terms of safety. The device is simply placed on the steering wheel, locking it down. Until the steering wheel lock is removed, the car cannot be budged. There are different types of steering wheel locks, varying in size and type. Be careful not to lose the key to the steering wheel lock though!

  • Kill switches

Kill switches are much easier to use. These switches activate immediately after you lock your car, turning the entire electrical system of your car off. Unlocking the car can be done only by performing a series of actions that the driver is aware of. The installation is quite elaborate, but once you get the kill switch installed, you won’t worry about your car’s security any longer.

  • Classic alarms

In case you park your car around your home, a classic alarm should do the job. When a person attempts to open your car, the beeping sound will start, letting you know about the event. Even though you will get alarmed regarding the incident, the thief might still be able to get away with your car.

Track your keys and save copies

Losing your car keys is dangerous, as a badly-intentioned person can find it and locate your car in order to steal it. If the thief has the key, the rest is just a game. This is the reason why you should always track your keys via GPS technology.

Another problem encountered with car keys is represented by people who mistakenly lock their keys inside the car. This issue will lead to damaging the car to retrieve the keys, which is going to involve spending extra money on fixing it. One way to stay away from this issue is to save one or two spare keys in different locations (one at home and one at your workplace, for instance). Car key duplication is a safety measure you should take immediately after buying your vehicle.

Never leave your valuables in the car

One of the biggest mistakes that people make regarding their car’s safety is leaving their valuables in plain sight. In many cases, thieves damage cars to get what’s inside, which is very inconvenient. Never keep your valuables in the car, and – if you do – place them somewhere they can’t be seen from outside the car. Recklessly leaving your laptop in the backseat of your car is a theft invitation.  

A short recap

When leaving your car, there is a set of rules that you must follow. First of all, make sure that you hide all valuables or take them with you. Secondly, when you exit the car, check whether it is locked or not a couple of times. Even when you stop just for a minute, don’t leave your car running. Taking reasonable precautions is much more important than the safety features you invested in. Whenever you are not behind the wheel, the car should have its engine stopped and the doors locked. Don’t risk anything because a few seconds can make a difference in certain situations. 


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