Are you looking for brilliant car dealership marketing ideas to promote your business and increase your sales? If you are tired of seeing the same content on every website and social media page, try to use these new, brilliant car dealership marketing ideas. If you can’t accomplish all, at least you can be inspired by them.

Interact with Your Community

The best way to interact with your community is to invest time and money into hosting events and promoting your brand’s image. Creating a connection with your public can help you attract potential buyers to your dealership, which can also bring you loyalty and big sales. How can you attract new car buyers? By offering free car washes, sponsor other events, charity drives with a famous association, etc. These ideas can bring in new customers and increase your sales. Putting your customers first means you are responsible and professional. Getting creative can help you attract new customers and also, keep them happy during the sale journey. Car dealerships that present their services in a simple, honest way will gain their buyer’s trust immediately. Discounts and giveaways are great ideas to market your dealership and bring potential customers. Clients are interested in discounts and big gestures from the companies, so this can be a chance for your brand to gain customer’s attention.  

Online Reviews

Use customer testimonials! Putting a mark in online marketing is a must because most online reviews are an important source for customers who want to do a purchase. By offering customer references in marketing campaigns or on social media, you’ll gain the benefits of an effective business commercial. Collecting customer reviews and building an archive will help you attract many buyers, as these positive reviews on Google will give higher rankings on the organic search engine. 

Social Media

Social media plays an important role in car dealerships to promote their brand. But they often forget about what’s most important and they only focus on selling. This is a big mistake because most people are tired of seeing pushy sales strategies everywhere. What people are attracted most to is about what’s going on beyond the scenes. Posting photos with cars is not enough to impress your customers, share more experience of your happy clients, dealership news, team events, etc. This kind of content can bring customers faster than you think. People are attracted to funny information rather than just selling advertising. Also, another feature that shoppers look for before deciding to buy a car is music content. Music can change your mood and support the idea of the video. That’s why is important to use music specifically suited with the idea behind the scene. For example, using action music will play with the viewer’s feelings and stages of tension. They’ll be more interested and experience the scene better.

Partner with a Local Business

Have you ever considered partnering with another business that has the same community as your dealership? This is a great marketing strategy to help you stay close to your customers and potential buyers. People will talk more about your business and can increase more sales and raise profits. Just make sure you are aware that this won’t happen over-night. It takes time to build a strong audience and marketing strategies that work. So, get creative, encourage community involvement, use your customer’s reviews to your commercial advantage, make sure your social media account has strong content, etc. These are strong marketing strategies that can bring you more customers and increase profits. 

Video Marketing with YouTube Channel

Car shoppers are interested in watching auto videos when planning to buy a car. They like to see the model comparison, safety structures, basic info, what devices are connected to the car, and other information that can help them decide. Post videos on your social media platforms but don’t forget that it should be hosted on a YouTube channel for more visibility. 


Pinterest is one of the most popular social sites. People think that has a larger female base but however, Pinterest is great for the auto industry. With such a big female audience, you’ll attract many female shoppers. Pinterest is also great for sharing pictures, landing pages, or pinning blog posts. This can spread through social media and drive more traffic to your website.

Use Twitter

Studies revealed that Twitter drove $716 million in car sales. And it still continues to be a popular choice among car shoppers. More than 300,000 auto-related tweets are sent every day, and many of them are straight related to shopping. These suggestions can be directly sent to customers who have shown buying intent. 

Get Involved

Social media is offering you great benefits to your business but you must be completely committed to maintaining a social media strategy. Once you build your website and provide the necessary information, you must always be active and keep it updated. If you go many days without posting anything on your website, people will start to lose credibility. It’s very important to take advantage of any opportunity you have to engage with online car shoppers. If you don’t do it, be sure that your competitors will do so. 

When you maintain a social presence, you clearly do a great thing for your business. You’ll get more appointments, sell more cars, and increase your brand’s image. 

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