A Change That Extends Your Dealership’s Reach on Facebook

Facebook recently announced a change to its algorithm that prioritizes posted comments in a manner that can be very beneficial as far as gaining more exposure to your customer’s networks.


According to Social Media Today, Facebook has changed how it displays comments in posts. This new “weighting” system prioritizes certain comments over others. I am sure you know that the more engagement a post gets, the more reach increases. However, while public posts can reach a bunch of people, what happens if the customer has privacy filters such as “friends only?”


When a post is shared, based on an individual’s privacy settings, you may or may not be able to interact with them on that shared post. Well, now Facebook is prioritizing comments based on relevance, which gives a page even more extended organic reach.


According to Facebook, it has changed its algorithm regarding page posts and comments and it is now more heavily weighted towards friends and family, as well as “Top Fans.”


The order is now as follows: First and foremost are comments from people you already know. That’s why they saw the post in the first place. After that, Top Fans, (people that engage with your Page frequently) and those comments which are the most engaged with.


The key to increased organic reach outside of the current pay-to-play environment Facebook has shifted towards is to get more post interaction and to then keep the conversation flowing after the fact. The easiest way to accomplish this is to post content that people want to share with their networks -- and what do they share most often? Posts that have to do with significant life events or accomplishments – such as buying a shiny new car!


Having your customers share your post is excellent. But your dealership’s original post doesn’t have to be shared in order to increase its reach. The customer just needs to read it, engage with it then you reply to them in the comments. By doing this, it will show up in their friend’s newsfeeds organically -- EVEN IF THEY DON’T SHARE IT.


This Facebook algorithm change is designed to encourage more engagement from users with posts that are more relevant and more likely to be engaged with. By posting content that a customer wants to engage with, then engaging back with them in the comments, you continuously increase the organic reach of your post to not only that customer’s network, but also to your Facebook fans.


If you don’t have a budget for Promoted Posts, this algorithm change is an excellent way to increase your dealership’s social media exposure to the highest percentage of potential customers you can get -- the friends, families and networks of that customer you just sold a car to. And those are exactly the people you want your customers to influence as they could be your future customers.

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