Are your Advisors trained to sell or do they just take orders?

If the Dealer looked at the Service Drive as he does Sales and F&I the service absorption would increase dramtically without writing up one more car. What I mean by this, is that Sales and F&I are measured on a per transaction basis. If these two areas are failing to be at or above guide the Dealer will spend money on training, make pay plan changes and will get it fixed.

A Service Advisor is the highest grossing employee in the dealership and the most undertrained. Yes they are trained on the” car line specific stuff” but not on those per transaction items (Hours per RO, Gross Profit% and Effective Labor Rate) that drive the absorption rate. Instead the Advisor is trained to do the minimum to stay employed.

An increase of just .5 Hours per RO could mean tens of thousands of gross profit increase without writing one more car.

If you would like to train your Service Drive to be true salespeople contact me at 469-774-8051 or

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