Automate Your Inventory Posting to Craigslist with Infinite Prospects


Sample Craigslist Ad
Sample Craigslist Ad
Is your dealership posting vehicles on Craigslist? If so, do those listings direct shoppers from Craigslist to a unique landing page? Where is that landing page hosted?
Cargigi offers dealerships a month-to-month, FULLY AUTOMATED Classified Posting solution starting at $399/mo. for the first Craigslist market, and $299/mo. for each additional Craigslist market.

This service handles everything “from-soup-to-nuts” for the dealership with full transparency, so all you have to do is sit back and answer the phone and emails that come in as a result.

Each ad is image-based with multiple photos, a toll-free number and alternate choices the shopper may also like. Clicking anywhere on that image directs the shopper to an independent landing page of the same vehicle that includes a lead form for the shopper to submit their contact info. Any lead submitted through the form is routed to the dealership’s CRM tool.

The $399/mo. single-market subscription fee from Cargigi includes a Live Market Activity Monitor program so you can track what’s happening real-time with your active listings on Craigslist.

Also included is a unique toll-free number (which redirects to wherever the dealership desires) that tracks and records all calls, enabling you to monitor and listen to those calls online.

For a limited time Cargigi will also include, free of charge, access to the ADAM (Auto Data Automated Management) inventory management system and reporting tool.

Craigslist Landing Page
3rd Party Landing Page Directed from Craigslist - Click to View in a New Tab or Window and Click Again to Magnify

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