Dozens of newly created automated menu systems are popping up on Internet sites and
through sales vendors claiming their use will vastly increase dealer profits
while limiting liability. Of course each system is “the best one available!”
Can you believe the advertising hype?

Most F&I trainers support at least one or more of these systems and the vendors
who sell them. Some have even become vendors themselves. They say they can
guarantee a substantial increase in any dealer’s bottom line, IF the dealer
signs up with them today!

I fully support the idea of an automated menu system, but my support comes with
words of caution. “No technology will
ever replace an enthusiastic finance professional who consistently offers their
products while being interactive with the customer and determined to enhance
their overall buying experience.


If your finance manager doesn’t completely understand the concept behind menu
selling, it won’t matter what automated system you use or which vendor you
believe. An automated menu does speed delivery time, and it will
reduce errors (which in and of itself is useful, considering the cost of an
F&I employee who hasn’t been properly trained), but no automated menu
system will EVER do the work for you. Person to person dialogue is still
imperative. That’s how dealership trust and loyalty is gained and retained.

For the past decade, I have visited dealerships nationwide as a consultant and
reviewed countless transactions for proper menu presentation. Here’s the truth.
Far too many of the menus have either been omitted from the deal jackets or
significantly altered, based upon the F&I associate’s individual decision.
The base payment has been deleted, the APR, the relevant buying numbers, and
any significant disclosures are wiped from the face of the menu. That decision
is almost always due to the F&I manager’s comfort level, degree of
training, or personal desire to hit his pay plan goals. Keep in mind that the
menu provider is not responsible for mandating full disclosure and certainly
won’t take accountability for any tampering with disclosure

A transparent selling system puts all the cards on the table for every customer
and allows that customer to choose whatever product he or she wants or needs.
Or doesn’t want, because it isn’t needed! Regrettably, full disclosure
and bankable candor are still not a conventional practice. Many finance
managers still don’t buy into the necessity for a transparent selling system,
even though their pushy selling techniques put the dealership’s reputation at
risk or diminish customer retention. No automated menu system is going to get
them to comply with federal regulations. It will do nothing to gain their trust
or get them to change their ways. A crafty manager will simply figure out how
to delete and modify and adjust, until the system suits his long-used and
outdated F&I methods. Ironically, dealers can implement checkpoints to
mandate that 100% of the menu be presented to 100% of their customers 100% of
the time. .. . but few succeed in this attempt. Even when the menus are printed
and signed by the customer, they are free from any notations (sterile) and
there is no evidence of an actual presentation or engagement with the finance
manager. No indication that the finance manager tackled an objection! Just
because the F&I manager had the customer authorize the menu form doesn’t
mean the menu was delivered as trained to do.

One of the benefits of menu selling is to prevent the prejudging of customers by
presenting every product 100% of the time utilizing consistent pricing.
A finance manager who operates from fear of the unknown often deletes one
product or the other and discounts them prior to the presentation of the menu!
Unless those terms and products are locked down, an automated menu system will
not deter this behavior. Nor will it substitute for a well-rehearsed
professional sales associate.

Automated systems are here to stay. Some are much better than others. Regardless of which
one a dealership decides to use, the results promised and expected will not
take place if the foundation for menu use hasn’t been well established. Until
everyone in the dealership knows and understands the basic fundamentals of menu
selling and the concept of why transparent F&I sales work, investing
significant dollars in an automated product will be a waste. You can’t speak or
write French, until you have the vocabulary. Becoming fluent in speaking “menu
selling” comes with proper and ongoing training.

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