AutoMotion Integrates Beacons into its Mobile App Location Targeting Technology

AutoMotion’s comprehensive Location Targeting technology now includes beacon micro-targeting capabilities.


Minneapolis, MN – AutoMotion, the leader in mobile app technology for the automotive market, today announced integration of beacons into its Location Targeting technology.

The AutoMotion mobile app Location Targeting technology has revolutionized the way in which dealers communicate with their customers.  The technology allows dealers to target shoppers based on location and provide relevant messaging directly to the smartphone.  From the showroom to service, targeted messaging has resulted in tremendous customer engagement, permitting dealers to close more deals on the lot and bring cross-shopping customers back to the showroom.

New beacon integration with Location Targeting permits micro-targeting in the showroom.  Customers shopping on their smartphone are able to receive incentives, inventory updates, vehicle info, and more, automatically from their smartphone while on the showroom floor.

AutoMotion is unveiling the new technology at NADA booth 5227W.  Attendees can sample the new technology using their own smartphone to interactive with vehicles in the booth.

“Beacons add additional exciting abilities to our Location Targeting technology,” stated AutoMotion President Ben Anderson.  “Customers now have the ability to interact with a vehicle on the showroom floor using their smartphone. Beacons create a new wave of personalized interaction, giving dealers the ability to directly influence the customer’s automotive shopping experience.”

The AutoMotion Location Targeting technology utilizes GPS, Wifi-triangulation, BLE, and patented protocols to help dealers pinpoint the location of a shopper and deliver the most relevant messaging directly to their smartphone.  Learn more information on Location Targeting technology:


About AutoMotion

AutoMotion is the leader in mobile app technology for the automotive market. The AutoMotion platform delivers mobile marketing solutions for automotive dealers and OEM partners. The company’s technology permits mass distribution and management of large-scale mobile app campaigns for OEMs and large automotive retailers.

Visit AutoMotion at NADA Booth ► 5227W
Phone: 612-353-4125

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