Binary Automotive Solutions Offers Free Marketing Resources to Support Dealerships during COVID-19

Offer extends beyond Binary’s client base and is open to any dealership as a way to provide support and needed resources during COVID-19 pandemic.


Bedford, TX — April 16, 2020 — Binary Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of customized programs designed to help dealerships sell more vehicles, today announced they are offering free marketing campaign development, creation and support to any dealership, client or not, through the end of April to help during this tumultuous time in automotive.


Under the terms of the new program, any dealership in the United States can call upon Binary Auto to help with design support for marketing or advertising campaigns at no cost to the dealership. The company sees the program as a way to give back to the automotive industry during a time when many dealerships are looking for ways to bring expenses in line with customer demand.


“I’ve been in automotive more than two decades and think of this industry as family,” said James E. Binkley, Binary’s CEO. “Of all the ways we can support dealerships during this time, we concluded free marketing planning, development and support is one way we can really help dealers cut expenses when they need it the most. We heartily encourage any dealership in need to reach out to us to take advantage of this offer.”


Those dealerships interested in taking advantage of the free marketing and advertising support program are encouraged to reach out to Troy Scheer, Binary’s Chief Marketing Officer, directly at This program is valid until April 30, 2020.


To find out more about Binary Automotive Solutions and how their Lifetime Warranty program can differentiate your dealership from the competition, please visit

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About Binary Automotive Solutions


Binary Automotive Solutions is committed to providing an integrated, customized package of programs to help dealerships sell more vehicles, hold more gross and retain more customers. It doesn’t matter the size of your dealership or the location, we’re confident that our warranty, certification and maintenance programs combined with our industry leading marketing and merchandising programs can boost sales, increase retention and help you maximize profits you didn’t even know were available. At our core, we strive every day to honor the beliefs of our founder, James E. Binkley, by never taking advantage of a client or offering a program to a dealership that takes advantage of a customer. As James is fond of saying, “Money is not more important than doing the right thing.”

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