Bud Brown Volkswagen Provides Value during Recession with Binary Automotive Solutions Lifetime Warranties

Bedford, TX — April 6, 2020 — Binary Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of customized programs designed to help dealerships sell more vehicles, announces Bud Brown Volkswagen is now offering Binary’s Lifetime Warranty program as an additional benefit to its customers during the economic downturn.


Using Binary’s Lifetime Warranty Program as an additional customer benefit helps Bud Brown bring value to discerning customers, an important distinction in today’s competitive landscape. Through the partnership, Binary will provide Bud Brown all of the marketing and merchandising needed to promote the benefit to customers across the dealership. Point-of-sale promotions, window stickers and marketing materials help the dealership communicate the benefits of their new offering to customers.


“Bud Brown epitomizes the values we train our dealer partners on – focusing on relationships, not sales,” said James E. Binkley, Binary’s CEO. “Customers are looking for more than just a vehicle, they’re looking for any extras the dealership can provide. The stores bringing more to the table, are the winners with today’s buyers.”


With over 70 years of experience serving local residents with their vehicle purchasing needs, Bud Brown helps residents of Olathe, Kansas find the vehicle of their dreams. The dealership strives to provide every customer with a simple, easy and stress-free experience, including their newly introduced warranty benefit through Binary.

To find out more about Binary Automotive Solutions and how their Lifetime Warranty program can differentiate your dealership from the competition, please visit www.binaryauto.com

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About Binary Automotive Solutions


Binary Automotive Solutions is committed to providing an integrated, customized package of programs to help dealerships sell more vehicles, hold more and retain more customers. It doesn’t matter the size of your dealership or the location, we’re confident that our warranty, certification and maintenance programs combined with our industry leading marketing and merchandising programs can boost sales, increase retention and help you maximize profits you didn’t even know were available. At our core, we strive every day to honor the beliefs of our founder, James E. Binkley, by never taking advantage of a client or offering a program to a dealership that takes advantage of a customer. As James is fond of saying, “Money is not more important than doing the right thing.”


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