CallSource Acquires ContactPoint’s Phone Coaching and Training Division


CallSource expands its leadership in end-to-end call management, tracking, and training


Westlake Village, CA – April 30, 2015 - CallSource, the leader in call management, tracking, and training, has entered into an agreement with ContactPoint (also known as LogMyCalls) to acquire the company’s phone coaching and training division. Simultaneously, CallSource agreed to sell to ContactPoint the segments of its media division (publishers, ad agencies, internet listing sites, etc.) that are outside CallSource’s core verticals of automotive, healthcare and home services.

“This agreement is another step in our mission to provide a full-scale call management solution – from tracking and monitoring, to analytics, to saving mishandled calls and, critically, to training and coaching personnel,” said Jerry Feldman, CEO of CallSource. CallSource manages over 14 million calls per month for its customers and recently received a patent for its Sales Performance Management (SPM) system, which combines the actionable data of its call analytics, performance analysis, and advisory services, with online training/coaching – all to improve call-to-appointment ratios.

All businesses are impacted by the revenue leakage caused by mishandled phone calls. For example, the average auto dealership mishandles a full 40% of their incoming sales leads and converts, on average, just 7% of incoming calls into showroom appointments. This calculates into a loss of up to 20 sales every month for the average-size dealership – or up to $44,000[1] per month in revenue.

A critical component of effective call management is understanding how to handle the calls in the first place, something many businesses overlook to their detriment. However, as phone lead volume increases due to the proliferation of smartphones, business owners are taking a more critical look at their call-to-lead conversions: SPM is specifically designed to provide a call conversion solution relevant to this challenge. Not only is SPM dramatically minimizing the number of mishandled calls for businesses, but it also gives them the tools they need to monetize every phone lead.

CallSource’s extensive learnings as the leading call management expert, in conjunction with the power of its existing training program, now combined with ContactPoint’s proven phone coaching, makes the company’s training for call handlers one of the best and most comprehensive available.

“Acquiring ContactPoint’s proven coaching system, along with key personnel, enables us to take a big leap forward in our end-to-end call management, tracking and training,” said Feldman. “Training is obviously key to the learning process but we want to provide our clients with behavioral and cultural changes that have long-lasting results and our studies show that continual performance monitoring combined with personalized coaching is the best way to permanently change habits and improve phone skills.”

CallSource invented call tracking and has tracked more than one billion calls since 1991. Today, with state-of-the-art call management innovations, the company qualifies incoming leads for clients, works to improve call handers’ phone skills and, crucially, helps them recover and reduce missed phone sales opportunities. CallSource provides automotive, healthcare and home services businesses with the tools they need to capture or recapture and retain customers.

About CallSource

For over 25 years, CallSource’s award-winning solutions have helped businesses track, analyze and improve incoming call performance. In addition to tracking over one billion calls since inception, CallSource delivers marketing insight, including cost-per-lead analysis and sales conversion percentages, training and coaching solutions to improve phone skills, and tools that enable businesses to recapture mishandled calls. Based in Westlake Village, Calif., CallSource recently received a patent for its Sales Performance Management (SPM) system, which combines the actionable data of its call analytics, performance analysis, advisory services, and online and phone training/coaching from seasoned sales professionals. CallSource serves multiple industries including automotive, home services and healthcare, as well as numerous franchise businesses. Visit


About ContactPoint

ContactPoint launched its premier service, LogMyCalls, in 2012. ContactPoint combines traditional call tracking and call recording with Conversation Analytics—the powerful analysis of phone calls. It evaluates the content of calls by analyzing the words and phrases that are actually spoken on the call. Contact Point uses speech recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms to gauge lead quality, measure conversions, analyze phone performance, and take action with marketing automation. Contact Point helps advertisers and agencies make better marketing decisions, improve close rates on the phone, and generate more revenue. LogMyCalls is a service of ContactPoint. Visit


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[1] Based on average profit of $2,200 per car sold

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