The argument is PPC or NOT? Is it necessary to buy pay per click advertising? How do I optimize my site so that I'm on the first page of every search engine several times without PPC?  The key to click through is conversion, some experts say that being the 4th or 5th or even 6th link down on the search page has the highest conversion rate, but how do you get there?  Well my friends this is a long and intricate conversation.

Can it be accomplished to be on the first page of every search engine SEVERAL TIMES? YES! Without PPC? YES! 

Sorry I don't have time this morning to explain how to get there, but in next couple of days I will sit down and explain the whole building block process so you can get away from PPC expenses and be on each search engine first page several times and have a higher conversion. WOW is this information worth something? Never mind this is why we belong to DealerElite to share! So sorry stay tuned I'll get it written.

Do me a favor it will be a lot of typing on my part, so some thumbs up will let me know how many members want to hear more.  Thanks all, sorry had some appointment come up while I was visiting DE.

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Comment by Jeff Nabel on July 2, 2012 at 8:41pm

As promised I thought I would talk about PPC v-s true recognition on the search engines without PPC and being on the first page 3 - 4 - 5 or more positions.  Firstly the argument is conversion rate, what are the chances someone doing research is going to click on you? Studies have found that being 3 to 5 down the page has a greater conversion rate then being number on or even in the costly shaded PPC area on the top, big is not always better. 

Think about it yourself for a moment when you research something do you jump to the PPC's or do you look down the list and finally click on a link that sound fulfilling enough?  The 80 / 20 rule applies and yes the link down the page gets clicked more often and doesn't cost a dime.

How do we successfully dominate the first page on all the search engines, well as we all know it's relevant content, this simply means if you have more relevant content then all others then you're going to be on the first page.

But that's not enough you want to be on the first page in as many categories as possible, your name all over the page, sales, parts, service, community. So pages and pages of ORIGINAL material, do not cut and paste from one source and paste to your web site, little spider bots don't like that much.

Video, now that's a hot button for Google and has some heave weight, but still not enough, you got to have relevant text content, oh yes ORIGINAL relevant text content. What is relevant, stories about everything you do revolve around mentioning the make and models of your cars, in every story, article, video, endorsement, get a customer endorsement, make sure the mention your name and make and model.

Wow that was a long sentence, but I can't emphasize enough pages and pages and pages of relevant content. You should have someone everyday writing about your store and every make and model. Have your web designer  create a program that automatically creates a new page every time someone writes something about your store and make and models.

Have the salespeople write something about themselves and why they work at your store and why the sell every named make and model. Ok that pretty much covers relevant content.

Now lets talk about the address bar on top, this is where the URL is, as example XYZMOTORS.COM. If you notice when you go to the parts tab it has a different address, example if you click on specials it would say something like this www.XYZMOTORS//FinanceOffers_D?siteMapItemName=4721001279836728224 this is directing the viewer to the special offer page.

Now let's re-create that address with some fake folders, as an example www.XYZMOTORS/CHEVROLET/CAPRICE/MALIBU/CORVETTE/USEDCHEVY//FinanceO..., WHEW looks like a lot of work but once it's done it's done. Now you have all that relevant content up in your URL and a very weighted area for recognition.

Now have your web master create a page where customers can download the PDF brochures from the factory, oh my, customer clicks on the PDF link, it reaches out to the factory and brings all that relevant content to your web-site, HOW? With a link back to your site, double impact!

Frankly, building a great web site should be orchestrated by someone in house that really knows how to build one to get noticed by the bots. You may pay $10,000 (or less!) for the perfect site with applications that you own such as the ability to upload content, or a program that allows your management team to create coupons without and creative skill, the program can create a program that all a manager has to do is type in a text box and hit submit and puff a per-designed coupon is on your site.

Key words in your URL, relevant content for every department talking about your store mentioning every make and model, and the ability to upload content without third parties! Keep adding keep it original and in six months you'll be all over the first page of every search engine. In the first position after the PPC's in the 3rd position, 5th position, 4th and so on.  But like the business itself you have to be serious about getting it done!

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