Critical Repairs Tips for Your New Vehicle

A new vehicle is a big investment and calls for celebration; you are thrilled and eager to go places while enjoying the feel of your new machine. Frequent trips can cause wear and tear to your vehicle; therefore, you need to be aware of a few components that might need replacement by the end of the year to continue your smooth ride.

Repair New VehiclesAn automotive battery has an average lifespan of about five to seven year but in some cases might need replacement within the first year. If you are a frequently commuter on freeways, your Windshield can get damaged by flying objects from big trucks and need to be replaced. Headlights, headlight components, taillights, break lights and turn signal lamps too might need replacement.

In some cases cracks can occur in spark plug and cause trouble, or a new fuse can blow and hence, had to be repaired or replaced. Car door latches need to be aligned with striker devices for proper functioning; you also need to check your tire pressure and brake rotors from time to time for a safe drive.

This is a list of some of the things that might need your attention and repair during the first year of purchase, irrespective of the type of warranty that comes with the new vehicle.

About The Author:

Pat McKemy is the Owner of First Call Auto Glass, a reputed auto windshield replacement shop located in Oceanside, CA. Pat and the First Class team are known for their ‘Safety First’ approach to their auto windshield replacement, repair and installation services. Pat takes pride in providing high quality repair and installation along with his expert staff, who have over 40 years experience.

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