The Importance of Wheel Alignment in Car Repair

Car owners should always ensure that their car is in good working condition. This increases car efficiency and takes preventative measures for future problems. One important part of your car that must be checked during regular repairs is the wheel alignment.Wheel alignment ensures that the car wheels are parallel to each other and at right angle to the ground. Properly aligned wheels will move straight even if the steering wheel is idle. The benefits are:



  • Reduced fuel consumption: Unaligned wheels wobble leading to unbalanced pressure on wheels. This increases frictional force between the tires and the road surface, overworks the engine resulting in high fuel consumption. The ripple effect of this is high air pollution as a result of combustion of high amounts of fuel.
  • Low maintenance cost: Poorly aligned wheels result in uneven wear and tear on tires causing them to wear out quickly. This requires frequent replacements which is costly. It's therefore important that as a car owner, you ensure the wheels are rightly aligned to reduce operational and maintenance costs.
  • Enables easy driving: Faulty wheel alignment tends to pull on one side, making it difficult for the driver to control the car. This may result in accidents. In addition, it also makes it risky to drive on a wet or ice covered road surface.
  • Enhances auto performance: Wheel alignment on cars reduces risks of other faults occurring, for instance, other automobile systems like the steering, the brakes, the suspension will be in good working condition hence maintains the life span of the car.


About The Author: 

Pat McKemy is the Owner of First Call Auto Glass, a reputed auto windshield replacement shop located in Oceanside, CA. Pat and the First Class team are known for their ‘Safety First’ approach to their auto windshield replacement, repair and installation services. Pat takes pride in providing high quality repair and installation along with his expert staff, who have over 40 years experience.

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