Customer Experience Sole Purpose - "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty"

There is genius in simplicity!  So why do we complicate this Customer Experience Economy we live in today.  Each of us are consumers.  We have needs (rational behavior).  We have wants (emotional behavior). Pretty simple! 

Business is an entity.  Business has Personal Brands of Business representing the Business to consumers and customers, and Business has Customers (hopefully).  Pretty simple!

What is the purpose of business?  One theory is to maximize profit for shareholders.  This western management concept is the most prevalent business purpose.  However, without a customer there is no business.  Therefore a business purpose must include creating a customer. To achieve this, Business entities focus better than 80%of marketing and process practices triggering consumer rational need behavior and less than 20% triggering consumer emotional want behavior.  

So how successful is the purpose of business?

A recent Autotrader study asked a simple question that you can answer yourself: "Do you like the car buying process as it is?" Seventeen (17) of 4002 replied YES; 99.6% said NOOO!

If you Internet search "Customer Experience Statistics" you'll find somewhat impressive stats, yet 100% of these stats are B2C (Business2Customer).  Business sugar-coats Customer Experience, while Autotrader asked a very simple question and the simple yes or no answer tells the "real" story of Customer Experience.  Pretty simple...but not too pretty!

CONSUMERS (CUSTOMERS) ARE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF BUSINESSES 80/20 rule above! Consumers focus better than 80% of buying decisions on what triggers emotional (want) behavior and less than 20% on what triggers rational (need) behavior.  The complete opposite of business!


Business entities prove it is impossible to get truly personal with customers. Only Personal Brands of Business P2P(Person2Person...People2People) can achieve this with customers.  

The smartest of businesses today are flipping upside down their conventional western business management model, committing to"MAKE THEIR PEOPLE THEIR BRAND" giving EVERY Personal Brand of their business the simple PURPOSE to "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty" within every defining moment of every customer experience.  Authentic P2P Communication following authentic simple P2P Process with the intent of earning authentic P2P Relationship IS the only PURPOSE of real, true, honest P2P Customer Experience.  

Every Visionary Personal Brand of business MISSION needs to be"Selflessly Always Earning Loyalty Exceeding Customer Experience Expectations."  How?  Implement this simple SECRET

Customers expect to have their expectations met, yet 99.6% say NO, they are not.

So imagine your SECRET WIIFT purpose of how to be #1 and being #2 Selflessly Always Earning Loyalty Exceeding Customer Experience Expectations will be welcomed time after time!

The SECRET is as simple as flipping upside down a Business Brand-Centric focus triggering better than 80% consumer rational needs...

To a Customer-Centric P2P Personal Brand of business focus triggering better than 80% consumer emotional wants.

Same ketchup, just so happens to flip upside down a far better experience for us!  Yes or Yes?  I'll never go back to the bottle again...will you?:) 

Saving Loyalty, preventing defection is a P2P simple authentic "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty" outcome!  

Loyalty is personal, very personal.  Personal Brands revive and thrive the heart of loyalty P2P.  Pretty simple!

There is genius in simplicity!  Every Visionary Personal Brand committing to "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty" selflessly always earning loyalty Exceeding Customer Experience Expectations within every defining moment experiences can flip upside down a 99.6% DO NOT LIKE the buying process as it is to a 99.6% LOVE the Customer Experience YOU give!  WHY?  Because 99.6% of Customers WANT YOU to earn their trust and loyalty.  Be the one!


Henry Ford said: "If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse."  Think about it!  What did Mr. Ford give his customers?  He gave them a better transportation experience that just so happened to come with a bit more horsepower!  Mr. Ford is an excellent example of what you as a Personal Brand will be doing --- giving customers what they don't even know they WANT yet!  This is the power of every Personal Brand purpose - to give customers what they don't even know they want yet...YOU Exceeding their Customer Experience Expectations!

There is genius in simplicity!  Your Personal Brand Purpose is to be selflessly always earning loyalty exceeding customer experience expectations while triggering better than 80% of every customer's WANTS and less than 20% of their NEEDS.  Therefore, you P2P "CPR The Heart of Loyalty" being your best authentic self transparently video validating persons and facts will prove to exceed customer experience expectations of every customer every time. 


Get off the phone, text and email ASAP and Video Chat with every customer.  The WOW factor will be over-the-moon.  Consider this analogy: We speak on the phone together.  You happen to have AT&T service and I have Verizon, yet we seamlessly have a phone conversation. Not so with Video Chat.  You may use Skype, I may use Google Hangout, yet they don't communicate with each other. We can only Video Chat if we are both on one and the same system.

Until NOW!

Talk Fusion CONNECT technology is the first and only web based video collaboration platform that is device and operating system independent!  Think about it!  Why phone when you can this Video Chat seamless system with anyone, anywhere around the world in real time with many participants.  

Then, move from Video Chat to Live Meeting to share desktop, validating people and facts, even commencing transactions.  

Communicating with Process and Purpose earning Relationships that count and last is the art of "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty." 

Using your own branded templates to video communicate and relate with customers ongoing, to be selflessly always earning loyalty exceeding customer experience expectations is as easy as you can imagine within Talk Fusion's patent-pending all-inclusive video product packages.

From branded Video Newsletters and Video Email with sharing features customers will use to share you socially with everyone they know saying thank you for exceeding their expectations will advance your Personal Brand while advancing your team brand and your Business Brand a far, far better way!

It just so happens 1TeamSynergy's world-wide live e-Learning environment benefits every Personal Brand as we, together, learn, practice, teach and share best example habits using Talk Fusion to inspire Personal Brands of Business to be selflessly always earning loyalty exceeding customer experience expectations to "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty" with everyone.  

Become "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty" Certified! 

Make the difference being the difference!  Individually we are limited to our oneness.  Together we have unlimited resources to truly bring our world together.  Be the one!  Then, help others be the one too!  Join with us at  Click on Video Chat and request we video chat together.  Test it with others.  Video chat with people and experience the difference!  

Tom Wiegand   1TeamSynergy™ Learning Environment; 443.910.7702   Twitter: @1TeamSynergy, Facebook: CoachTomWiegand; LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn/in/TomWiegand; Talk  

REALITY:  4.8 BILLION people worldwide own a mobile phone. Industry experts predict 1.5 BILLION people will be using Talk Fusion WebRTC technology by the end of 2015.  Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco and others have no intention at this time of following Talk Fusion's lead here. Why? Greed! Money! They don't want you leaving their out-dated video systems for this new WebRTC technology that Talk Fusion has several patents pending. Everyone of these 4.8 BILLION Personal Brands want this technology. Someone will introduce every Personal Brand to join with us.  Every Personal Brand deserves to be welcomed into their PURPOSE!  

Remember, there is genius in simplicity!

We are at the beginning of the "Era Of The Personal Brand." We may be a bit ahead of the curve, but nowhere behind it! As businesses attempt to get sustainable differentiation today, product and price has lowered in magnitude of consumer wants, replaced by Customer Experience, and business branding and marketing miserably fails at near every defining moment of every experience.

Businesses can't get "word-of-mouth" raving loyal fans, as validated here. Only P2P "CPR The Heart Of Loyalty" Relationships between Personal Brands of Business and Customers can and will. We're at the early adapter stage of the bell curve where a certain few will see clearly the strategic advantages of jumping in early.

We are not years away, nor months away, but days away from seamless video CPR technology (our Communication Process Relationship) CPR, that will do away with the need and want for phone communication; lessen text and email as well.  When video channels become invisible as phone channels are now invisible, people will switch quickly, and demand CPR only via this channel.

P2P Visionary Personal Brands will long remember whether they were an early adapter, got in in the middle, or were late adapters. Loyalty Champions, or Loyalty Agents will be everywhere. They won’t just be in call centers or in the business office. They will work from anywhere. This movement is why we strongly encourage businesses today to MAKE THEIR PEOPLE THEIR BRAND. Those that do will win this Customer Experience Economy we live in today. Those that don’t will leave consumer businesses unable to compete.

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