Dealer Car Search to Offer CarStory® Market Reports to Network of 5,000 Dealers


Reports deliver direct engagement on VDPs, reducing lead leakage from dealer websites


Austin, Texas – September 22, 2015 – CarStory, the industry’s largest provider of search and inventory data and analytics on used vehicles, today announced that Dealer Car Search is making Inline CarStory Market Reports available to dealer customers who subscribe to its responsive websites.


The Inline CarStory Market Reports embed important vehicle research directly in the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) so consumers stay and engage on dealership websites, rather than clicking off to find information on third-party research sites. The robust and unique information that CarStory Market Reports offer consumers is based on insights generated from a combination of real-time used vehicle listings and data from over eight million used car searches each week.


“We know that time spent on VDPs is a top predictor of sales. Simply put, the more time car shoppers spend with a dealer’s VDP, the faster a car will sell. This makes keeping consumers on a VDP a key goal for dealers,” said Chad Bockius, CMO of CarStory. “We are pleased to help Dealer Car Search partner dealerships provide their customers with the vehicle's whole story right on the VDP, keeping them solidly engaged with both vehicle and dealership.”


CarStory surveys show that used car shoppers want to better understand the value of the vehicle they are considering and how its pricing compares to other vehicles in their area. CarStory Market Reports fill this information gap with local, real-time insights on every vehicle, including detailed pricing and conditioning analysis, as well as the vehicle features valued most by other consumers. Furthermore, the improved reports now include U.S. Government crash test ratings and CarStory search popularity analytics.


“Dealer Car Search is happy to be partnering with Vast and CarStory.  The CarStory Reports are unique because they deliver all the data and research a consumer needs right from the VDP, helping increase the Dealer’s Time-on-Site and Conversion Rate,” said Rick Wilson, CEO of Dealer Car Search.


About CarStory

CarStory is the industry’s largest provider of search and inventory data and analytics on used vehicle pricing and preferences. CarStory Market Reports are powered by Vast and synthesize over four million real-time used vehicle listings with data from over eight million searches a week to produce unique insights that help move consumers from online shoppers to on-the-lot buyers. By uncovering facts, features and competitive differentiators that make each vehicle unique in any given market, CarStory offers dealers and consumers the confidence they need to condense the sales process and walk away happy. A merchandising tool and lead source for websites, CarStory Market Reports are free to auto dealers. Learn more at


About Vast

Vast is the premier provider of big data solutions for life’s biggest purchases. Vast’s industry-leading big data platform and applications are currently in use at many of the largest automotive, real estate and travel businesses in the world. Vast serves Global 1,000 companies, including AOL and Southwest Airlines. Learn more at


About Dealer Car Search

Dealer Car Search first went to market in Q4 of 2006 and has since been a Proven Industry Leader in providing both Website Design Build Services and Value Added Digital Services to Car Dealerships throughout the United States.  Dealer Car Search won The Driving Sales Dealer Satisfaction Award for Best Website Provider in 2014 and currently hosts about 5,000 Dealer Websites.  Learn more about the additional Value Added Services offered by Dealer Car Search at



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