Dealer Funnel Continues to Revolutionize Automotive Dealership Communications with A.I.

Sanford, FL, May 2nd, 2023 – Dealer Funnel, a leader in innovative communication solutions for automotive dealerships, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking A.I.-powered text messaging platform. The Dealer Funnel platform now offers four advanced features designed to enhance customer engagement and increase dealership efficiency by streamlining the communication processes between customers and automotive dealerships which will ensure that not only will dealerships provide an easier but also better customer experience.

The new features of Dealer Funnel’s software that are now available include communications that allow potential car buyers to communicate with customers without the immediate need of a person at the dealership thus preventing missed opportunities or answering questions that many customers are already asking.

These new features include:

AI-Generated Responses: The Dealer Funnel software technology has been trained to quickly generate context-aware responses to customer inquiries which enables dealerships to be not only immediately responsive with relevant information but that is also accurate and personalized.

Staff-Directed AI Assistance: Dealership staff whose duties involve communicating with customers can utilize the Dealer Funnel technology to respond to customers in a personalized manner that will engage the customer and showcase the expertise and knowledge of staff while also building the dealership as a dealer and brand authority. 

Call Summarization and Insights: The Dealer Funnel technology also extends to inbound and outbound phone calls made through the system. This new feature incorporates next-gen A.I. capabilities that provide analysis, summarization, scoring and feedback for the dealership.

Intelligent Routing System: Dealer Funnel technology expertly determines whether a human or A.I.- generated response is most appropriate. This optimizes efficiency while enhancing the customer experience, ensuring the customer receives prompt, relevant and appropriate answers to their questions.

"Dealer Funnel is committed to providing cutting-edge communication solutions for automotive dealerships," said Mathew Kelly, Dealer Funnel, Director of Operations. "Our new A.I.I-powered features empower dealerships to better engage with customers, showcase their expertise, and optimize their communication processes, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased brand awareness and trust."

The launch of these innovative features solidifies Dealer Funnel's position as a front-runner in the automotive industry, driving the future of dealership-to-consumer communications through the incorporation of human and  A.I. technology. 

For more information about these new features and how they can revolutionize your dealership's communication processes, visit

About Dealer Funnel:

Dealer Funnel is a leading provider of communication solutions for the automotive dealership industry. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Dealer Funnel is dedicated to helping dealerships enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and improve overall satisfaction through its advanced text messaging platform and A.I.-powered features.

For more information, please contact:

Kenny Calhoun

VP of Business Development

Dealer Funnel

Phone: (800) 675-4522


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