The number of new-car dealerships in the U.S. declined some more in the first half of 2010. The dealership count fell to 18,223 after 258 showrooms shut their doors between Jan.1 and July 1, accoring to Detroit-based Urban Science.

So...what's it going to take to move the needle on not losing anymore? As most everyone on DE knows, especially being some of the first members; the social media impact to drive traffic, increase face to face time and ultimately close more sales is imperative. My prediction is that the dealerships currently embracing this new world of technology will be the one's still in business five years from now. And, for those that cock the hammer but just can't pull the trigger will be gone.

I know which path I want to follow. If I hang with the winners then I honestly believe that I will be a winner too. Lot's more to learn and looking forward to it. Best regards to everyone.

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