Doing the same thing expecting different results!

Most, yes most websites today are really not optimized for conversions. Is Yours?  It is a New Year, New Opportunities, New Attitude so let's make some changes by adapting. More is less today. Floating Chats, Redirects, multiple pop ups etc. Really! Too many clicks to convert. When you’re online how many clicks before you exit or bounce because it's too hard to find what our looking for? After 16 years in retail myself when I was approached by Vendors there was two questions I wanted to know. Can you save me time and make me money. 

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Comment by steven chessin on January 4, 2016 at 4:43pm

As you said CONVERSION  ---  sites that are not set-up to convert are easy to find -- like  AL OF THEM !! 

I recently looked at a store's website I had an appointment with just to get their address for my navigation and it was buried in the "About Us" menu. THE # 1 objective is to get people to come to you and you make them hunt for the address.What politically incorrect word should we use ?  Would  Trump call it an "over-sight" or something stronger ?   

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