It’s good to be nice. Nice works, especially with women.

Of course whatever you do to meet the needs of women, will delight your male customers! That’s actually a fact based on a Wharton School study in partnership with WomenCertified. So in short aim for what makes her happy and you will win with everyone.

Sometimes we have to remember that we are customers too and treat them the way we would want to be treated. Kind of hard sometimes when we become robots in how we sell and serve the customers – so take a step back and take a good hard look at your practices, especially when a customer sends you an email. So here are a couple important things to remember when a woman (or man) emails your dealership:

  • If your customers have taken the time to give you information about them, make sure that you use it
  • By using every piece of information available for users, brands can create a unique experience for each customer
  • Consider how you can gather more information from users in order to increase future personalization in campaigns

This is a good start. Remember customization is key. Keep it personal, meaning use her name maybe even more than once in the email response, and help empower your customer to make the best decision possible.


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