Engaging & Selling Your Lowest Hanging Fruit....The Customers in your Database.

Hello Fellow Car Guru's,

Well, here I am stepping out into the unknown. My first blog! I feel so strongly about the value I bring to dealers everyday, I wanted to talk about it. So...here goes !

When I speak to many dealers today, they are at a loss when it comes to utilizing a proven method of wrapping their arms around the thousands of customers in their data base. Yes, I know that you send letters. Everybody sends marketing pieces which are many times a quick overview of the monthly specials or a blanket invitation to "come to the dealership to see the new models." The question is...are you getting measurable results? How do you know which of the customers in your database could be ready to purchase?

If you had 100 of your customers in a room, would you be able to choose which of them could buy a new or used vehicle today, with no money down and possibly even lower their payments? What if you could know that information in 5 seconds? What if you were sending intellegent letters to the customers that you really could make that offer to, and knew what vehicle you were going to sell that customer before he ever came in for the appointment?

Today more than ever, customers are looking to lower their monthly expenses. They feel that they need a new car, however they are sure that their expenses will go up if they walk into your showroom. Now you can have a process to reach out to all of those customers and make them this incredible offer with a non-confrontational approach.

I would like to share with you a proven process that will increase your floor traffic with customers you already know, who trust you completely, and want to return to a familiar dealer they have already purchased from. The entire deal is structured before you contact the customer so you know beforehand exactly what you can offer.

One of the many bonuses to this program, is that your sales team is more confident when they engage the customer because they have facts to talk to the customer about instead of trying to look for a way to strike up a conversation...and believe me that customer truly can see right through this attempt to converse.

There is so much more....Of course, you have a sales team working the service drive. Right? What are they saying to engage the customer? Sadly, in most dealerships, it is nothing more than small talk with a hope and a dream that it will turn into a vehicle pruchase."You love the Yankees? Me too! " I remember the days when that was all I had to work with and "yes" ...I am a Yankee fan. :)

Listen, if you want to take a look at how I can do this for your store, give me the opportunity to show it to you. You will increase your floor traffic, sell more vehicles, retain and engage your customers before they purchase from your competitor and make additional revenue. Let's look at what you want to accomplish in your store and let me help you get there!

PS...did I mention that current dealers are adding an additional 20-40 vehicle sales per month?

I look forward to answering any of your questions. Just give me the nod! Go Yankees!

And thanks for your support on this website!

Happy Selling!


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Comment by Jim Kristoff on January 3, 2012 at 5:39am

Good blog Suzanne!

Has JM&A teamed with Auto Alert???

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