Epidemic! The Eight Diseases Plaguing Dealer Websites

Epidemic! ebook cover

Hey DE community,

I had a LOT of fun writing this new eBook to help dealers out. I would love to know what you guys think about it! you can download your copy here.


You know that something doesn’t seem right.

You’re overcome by exhaustion, hopelessness, and anxiety. You feel left behind by your peers, and you’re bitter about the future. Perhaps your new vehicle sales are limp, or your digital marketing is dysfunctional. Things just don’t feel like they used to.These are symptoms of a serious condition affecting hundreds of dealers.

You shouldn’t feel this way anymore. It’s time to talk to your doctor about ActivEngage’s newest eBook, Epidemic! The 8 Diseases Plaguing Dealership Websites.

Side effects of reading this eBook may include:

  • A sense of triumph as you crush your competition

  • The adrenaline rush that only selling more cars can create

  • Inexplicable euphoria - the feeling that you finally truly know yourself

  • Short-term memory loss, as you forget all those useless marketing tactics

In this eBook, we diagnose and treat the 8 illnesses that are killing web conversion. Do you have distracting outbound links plastered all over your homepage? You might have a case of surfilis. Still using stock photos of the vehicles on your lot? That sounds like Legeneric’s disease. Are you still refusing to split test your pages? You might be afflicted withhepatitest.

When you download your free copy of ActivEngage’s Epidemic eBook, you’ll learn about these serious medical conditions - and their cures.

Our eBook isn’t for everyone. You shouldn’t read this if you are determined to keep your head in the sand, or if your mind might be blown by new and exciting digital strategies. Ask a trusted health professional if this kind of knowledge is right for you.

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