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Epidemic! The Eight Diseases Plaguing Dealer Websites

Epidemic! ebook cover

Hey DE community,

I had a LOT of fun writing this new eBook to help dealers out. I would love to know what you guys think about it! you can download your copy here.


You know that something doesn’t seem right.

You’re overcome by exhaustion, hopelessness, and anxiety. You feel left…


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What's Live Chat Really Worth? Now We Know.

ACtivEngage chat What'sApp Facebook SMS texting If you’ve been above ground at any point during the past week, you probably heard about Facebook’s staggering$19 billion acquisition of private messaging service What’sApp. Last Wednesday, Mark Zuckerburg bought his most expensive Facebook friend  -  the largest Internet deal in …


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Your Vehicle Descriptions Could Be The Key To Selling More Cars

Vehicle Listing Ad Copy I buy most of the stuff I wear from a Canadian clothier called Frank and Oak, a company that lets me choose three new items each month and send back the ones I don’t need, free of shipping costs. It is subscription fashion, offering style for the lazy. The clothes are inexpensive but well-made, and usually the hard part is picking only…


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The Emperor's New Website

The emperor's new website. You might remember the famous Hans Christian Andersen story called The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s about a team of con artists who sell an emperor a “magical suit” of clothing that appears invisible to stupid or incompetent people. Of course, the emperor had bought nothing but thin air - but all of his trusted…


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Super Bowl Ad Preview: How Have OEMs Positioned Themselves?

Epic Super Bowl Graphic

As a marketer, I’ve got my eye on two battles at this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Of course, there’s the action on the field - Super Bowl XLVII, a gladiatorial war waged between mountainous men in an arctic Jersey winter. A clash between Seattle’s young talent and Peyton Manning’s legacy. Many Americans care about this game, and they are called “gamblers.”




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Top Stories From Around The Web: January 24th, 2014

The coveted "Top 10" trophy. BREAKING NEWS: JUSTIN BIEBER HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR - Just kidding, no one cares. Let’s talk about the stories that matter. You might not have had time to catch the top new posts this week - so ActivEngage saved them for you. This week, Netflix bares its teeth at Internet service providers, a deep space probe speaks to Earthlings, and new crash test data which shows smaller isn’t safer.

10. …


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Hey Auto Vendors! Your Booth Babes Aren't Helping

describe the image ActivEngage’s good friend Jeff Kershner wrote a DealerRefresh post way back in 2008 called The ROI of an NADA Booth Model. Hilarious and creative, the blog is half mathematical formula for determining your “booth model conversion ratio” and half love note to a vAuto model named Andrea. We love Jeff’s style.

But with NADA right around the corner, it might…


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Amazon's Drone Army Will Change The World

What’s that thing in the sky, flying around to deliver presents to good little boys and girls? You’re not hearing sleigh bells but the gentle hum of Amazon’s new…


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3 Ways Statistics Are Lying To You

In the 1954 classic text, How to Lie With Statistics, author Darrell Huff asserts that there arestatistics  hundreds of ways that numbers can lie to you. Statistical interpretation is a subjective business - trends and correlation can be employed by the statistician to support pretty much any hypothesis. Graphs and charts can distort reality. Ratios and proportions can be meaningless comparisons. What we might think as…


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Why Does Managed Chat Fail?

Is your managed live chat solution everything you were promised? Maybe you were sold on the lofty ideal of unprecedented customer service (not mention the huge boost in leads). You loved the idea of making contact with your customers when they are first researching their next vehicle. But after a few months, you’ve noticed that you’re just not happy with the conversations that your outsourced chatters are having on your behalf. Not to mention the leads aren’t exactly flowing in,…


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Have You Seen YOUR EyeMap Yet?

ActivEngage has made perfecting your website easier than ever. With our free newActivEyeMap tool, we can help you find simple ways to improve your dealership’s onlineusability. This technology has already enabled us to help auto dealers make alterations to their sites that get more shoppers into your inventory and planning their next vehicle.…


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How Online Customer Reviews Are Making Or Breaking You

What matters most to your car shoppers? Is it price? Depth of inventory? Maybe – but the Internet has nearly commoditized the auto business. Savvy customers will be able to find the car they want at the lowest price within a few seconds of searching. So where is the competitive edge that draws a buyer to one dealership but not another?

To find the answer, let’s try and…


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Social Media On The Clock And Why It Helps

Today we’ve decided to feature a great blog by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, about why you should pay your employees to use social media on company time. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But according to Holmes, social media is not a…


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ActivEngage Extends Chat Hours

In ActivEngage’s 5 years of operation, we’ve collected a whole lot of data about the buying habits of online shoppers. We use this data to keep our eyes on the big picture, and we’ve noticed a startling trend: More web shoppers are active early in the morning. What does this trend…


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Top Ten Blogs And News For Auto Dealers: Nov 12 – 16

The most trusted name in live chat brings the top ten blogs and auto news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events, and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top ten blogs and automotive stories from around the globe. In this weekly edition – no more Twinkies, Google Maps returns to the iPhone, and we released a new…


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Toyota Recalls Another 3 Million Vehicles

Still haunted by the ghost of the 14 million vehicles recalled for faulty floor mats and brake pedals, Japanese automaker Toyota Motors announced today that it would be recalling another 3 million cars – including 67,000 Prius models – due to a defect in…


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Viral Video Can Make Your Dealership As Cool As PSY

Korean rapper/insane man PSY is having a pretty good month. His smash hit, “Gangnam Style,” has become the viral version of the Macarena, coupling a catchy beat with the most ridiculous dance moves that a fully grown adult could conceivably perform. Mimicking and mocking the music video is irresistible…


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Happy 5th Anniversary, ActivEngage!

Happy Anniversary!

Last Sunday, ActivEngage celebrated its 5th-year anniversary under the cabanas of Wekiva Island in sunny Florida. We count ourselves lucky – 95% of all businesses fail before they turn 5! To commemorate the…


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Are You Involving Fixed Operations In Your Chat Process?

This is a picture of some money.

If a vendor offered you all this cash, you wouldn’t refuse it, would you? But at ActivEngage, we find that some dealers are turning their nose up at big mounds of cash. We’re asking our friends to reconsider throwing away money by neglecting a big part of their dealership operations.

I’m speaking about …


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An Internet Outage Plan For Your Dealership's Website

Much of the eastern seaboard is expecting (or already experiencing) massive power outages and flooding as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall. We at ActivEngage think this is a good time to talk about what to do when your Internet network goes down. As a live chat provider, it is…


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