The emperor's new website.You might remember the famous Hans Christian Andersen story called The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s about a team of con artists who sell an emperor a “magical suit” of clothing that appears invisible to stupid or incompetent people. Of course, the emperor had bought nothing but thin air - but all of his trusted advisors, councillors, and lords rave about how beautiful his fake new clothes are.

No one wants to be thought of as an idiot, and so the emperor proudly parades naked through the streets.

In my experience, building a dealership website works the same way. Website providers push hard for social media buttons or flashy applets that “increase conversion.” Their suggestions are profitable for them, but possibly harmful to you. Why lead users away from your site? Why distract them with animations? We’re offering a way to see exactly what your visitors see.

Websites aren’t the icing on your cake. They are your business - a doorway that almost every customer will enter before they step foot in your physical storefront. But we spend so long looking at our websites that we forget how the everyday shopper actually uses it. We can’t always see the forest from the trees.

At the end of the H.C. Andersen fable, a little girl finally speaks to the emperor in his procession and tells him that he doesn’t have any clothes on. He realizes that the child is telling the truth - that her opinion is uncorrupted by the expectations of others.

Our ActivEyeMap brings you the same kind of honesty: an eye map that simulates traffic data and visitor click paths, and calculates the parts of your site that stand out from the rest. The best part is that it’s a totally free service.

Stop wandering around naked - equip your website with a fresh pair of eyes. Get your free EyeMap today.

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