Facebook Social Media Tip ~ Friend Networking ~ MIG Tip #101

During MARKIT Group social media training sessions, we discover that in an effort to be efficient, training classes often have a wide range of participants - some very experienced, others totally new to social media.  On that note, we will be posting weekly social media tips in an effort to provide some quick and easy tips that users of all experience can utilize.


Friday Facebook Social Media Tip #101 -  Nov 30 was my Birthday and is the perfect day to share MIG Tip #101.  As you make friends on Facebook, you will notice that birthdays are the perfect time to have a touch point with your customer.  Offer best wishes, and enhance the interaction even further by asking a question - "Any plans for today?"

Even better - since most people's Facebook walls are filled very quickly throughout the actual birthday, make your post a day before to call even greater attention to your presence.   To additionally stand out, send them a private birthday message.


If anyone has any questions or specific tips that need addressed - feel free to send them my way and we'll include them in our weekly posting. I encourage your interaction.

Until next week ~ Best wishes for your continued Social media success


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