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Is your dealership's Internet sales process focused largely on converting consumers within the first 72 hours of receiving their lead? If so, you're leaving a large chunk of sales on the table...

How much time do you spend working your 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90-day old prospects?Probably not enough...


While this published data may be a few years old, the statistics have not changed much since that time. Put together a strategy with a combination of phone calls, personal emails, email newsletters and direct mail (where possible) to stay in touch with the consumer for 90+ days and keep your dealership in their thoughts.


Excerpt from: 2008 AUTOMOTIVE ESHOPPER EXPERIENCE STUDY, conducted by The Cobalt ... 

"The 2008 J.D. Power and Associates New Study found that on average AUIs (Automotive Internet Users) report that they first decide to buy a new vehicle 15.4 weeks before they actually purchase one. Three weeks later they begin using the Internet to find information, which is approximately 12. 4 weeks prior to purchase. By the time they have narrowed their vehicle selection down to one vehicle they are typically 5 weeks away from purchase. This information is key to both understanding the best time to target and market to Internet shoppers and to understanding that shoppers may be in-market for different periods of time...


The longer a lead remains unsold, the more likely it is to convert to a used vehicle.Dealers should respond promptly to leads and have systems in place to market to car shoppers in a way that addresses what the consumer is likely to purchase based on the age of the lead. Suggesting a used vehicle alternative to a new vehicle lead as the lead ages could help convert the lead to a sale. Additionally, with a third of leads converting after 90 days, dealers who continue to market to consumers will benefit by selling to those with purchase timeframes beyond a three month period."


What strategies does your dealership employ to stay in touch with consumers?

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