Hey Ford & Lincoln Dealers: Dealer Teamwork is Now FordDirect Approved!

Dealer Teamwork announced yesterday that it is now a premier partner in the FordDirect AdVantage Digital Advertising program. Here's Dealer Teamwork's press release:


Dealer Teamwork, an industry-leading automotive digital marketing company, proudly announced today that it has been selected as a premier partner in the FordDirect AdVantage Digital Advertising program. Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP® digital advertising platform and marketing services are now available to all Ford and Lincoln dealers nationwide. This partnership will allow Ford & Lincoln dealers to target and engage in-market shoppers more efficiently and effectively.

“We are incredibly honored to be selected as a premier partner in the FordDirect AdVantage Digital Advertising program”, said Dealer Teamwork’s CEO and Co-founder, Sean Stapleton. “With our existing Ford and Lincoln dealers seeing exceptional marketing results using our best-in-class marketing automation technology, we look forward to extending that same success to other dealers across the country.”

As a leading automotive marketing solution, Dealer Teamwork makes digital marketing easy to understand and use for Ford and Lincoln dealers. This is accomplished through Dealer Teamwork’s proprietary MPOP® automation platform, data-driven decision-making approach and best-in-class customer support.

Advantages and Benefits of Dealer Teamwork’s Advertising Solutions:

  • Real-time automation builds penny-perfect price campaigns
  • Improves attribution reporting, ROI and uses ad budgets more efficiently
  • Removes the guesswork of finding in-market shoppers
  • Reach more targeted buyers and drive more sales opportunities
  • Target leads through daily shopping data updates
  • Harness the power of highly efficient, real-time marketing automation technology
  • Use T1 and T2 online activity with your customer data to reach shoppers

“Now more than ever, dealers are faced with having to do more with less in a highly competitive industry”, said James Klaus, Dealer Teamwork’s Chief Sales Officer. “To do that, dealers need to spend their digital advertising dollars smarter to drive marketing results that lead to increased sales and profits. Our patented MPOP® platform uses industry-leading automation technology, and Ford audience and pricing data, to help Ford and Lincoln dealers achieve that goal and thrive in today’s market.”

To learn more about Dealer Teamwork’s digital advertising solutions, visit here: https://www.dealerteamwork.com/partners/ford-digital-marketing/.

Enroll your Ford/Lincoln dealership here.

About Dealer Teamwork

Dealer Teamwork is a leading automotive digital marketing company. They provide first-class solutions for the retail automotive industry that help dealerships increase leads and sales opportunities. They built the automotive industry's first MPOP®, a patented Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. This omnichannel marketing platform creates a significant competitive advantage. Dealerships can publish high-quality campaigns that reach more shoppers, efficiently and effectively.

About FordDirect

FordDirect is a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and its franchised dealers to create a comprehensive Web presence for dealers and provide digital marketing and advertising services that help dealers sell more cars and trucks. FordDirect provides dealers new and pre-owned digital marketing and advertising services, call tracking, lead management solutions, dealer websites, search optimization and marketing, database marketing, marketing services for regional dealer advertising groups and other digital services. FordDirect is headquartered in Dearborn, MI.

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