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There was some exciting news shared with me, and I think it is going to have a big impact on our industry in the near future.  

Briefly let me explain:  I have been using this system to take care of my automobile clients since October of 2007; and I think it is the perfect tool for a salesperson in the automotive industry to keep track of their clients, send cards to congratulate them on their new purchase (with a photo or video QR code inside of the card); and it’s a great way to shorten the time required to stay in touch with all of your clients on a regular basis.  I now use it to stay in touch with about 1,000 people.


Here's what's changed:  

The company listened to the feedback of a lot of focus groups including a variety of business professionals, sales people, and small business owners. What they found is that the people loved the product, and felt they could benefit from it; but the initial startup costs to start using the system ($49 to $199) were keeping them from getting started.


This problem has now been solved:


As a result, the company chose to listen and eliminated the cost barriers of their system so that they could benefit more people - offering new options including a "Pay-as-You-Go" plan and monthly subscription options that start under $10 per month.


It doesn't cost anything to set up. With the subscriptions, you simply purchase $9.80 of cards each month with no contract. You get approximately 10 cards per month and some of your cards can be exchanged for gifts, if you choose. Or you can buy more, if you need to at the lowest retail price. It's so important to send Thank You Cards, Congratulations Cards, Birthday Cards, Get Well Cards, etc and this will allow you to do it.


YES - If you have $10 in your pocket, you can have a fully functional account that includes:

A full contact manager

(Like an Electronic Rolodex)

The ability to send campaigns

(A single card to all of your clients at once)

Photo editing program

(Create Photos of Clients with their Car, or ?)

Gift Cards

(A great way to say thank you for the referral.)


(From Books for Training to Gourmet Foods to Express Appreciation, there's Affordable Gifts for Anyone.)

Big Cards

(A BIG CONGRATULATIONS card to keep and Share - it's The Size of a Deal Jacket Folder.)

Video Cards

(A really cool way to express anything - any Youtube Video can be Sent inside of a Card)

The lowest retail price for future use.


In a nutshell, they are revolutionizing a salesperson’s ability to follow-up and build friendships with their clientele – through greeting cards & gifts.  Have you ever heard of Netflix?  This is very similar to what Netflix did to the Home Video Rental Industry: they added value and increased volume by making it more accessible and affordable for everybody; and in a few short years became a household name.

Think about this for a moment:  


If you could have access to your own system like this without any fees to get set up, and still be able to buy your cards & gifts at a discounted cost would you be interested?

Well... here's the Good News I received last night: NOW YOU CAN!

If, for some reason you still aren't sure – and would just like to have the opportunity to try it out, the website below will give you all of the details, and will also allow you to watch a short video and send out your first few cards for free:


I have already shared this with some of the local dealers and sales people in my area, but now am excited for forums like this that allow me to pass it on to others! We are all in this together, Right?!


As you will see, the system is designed to answer most questions. If you need help there is free customer support, short demo videos you can watch, and if you would like to have a conversation with me about how I am using it – feel welcome to reach out to me any time! I really enjoy sharing this with others, and never tire of seeing their excitement as they begin to realize all of the fun ways they can use this to make a difference; please take a moment to pass along this news to those in your circles.


Best wishes,

Tobias Sedillos

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