FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit Launches: Unlimited Data Intelligence for Dealers

Innovative enterprise analytics toolkit from izmocars’ FrogData, aggregates data from ALL dealership sources, with intelligent data augmentation to help dealers work smarter and more efficiently


Las Vegas, Nevada – March 10, 2022 – izmocars announced today, at the 2022 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show, the launch of FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit, an innovative AI-powered tool that aggregates data from all systems within a dealership, with intelligent data augmentation that helps dealers cut through the data clutter and easily access the reporting intelligence that will help them work smarter and more efficiently.


Unlike any other solutions, FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit gathers information from multiple sources, including the DMS, CRM, Google Analytics, IoT, social media, inventory management platforms, and more, to provide a structured data warehouse for enterprise reporting that solves the challenge of data disconnects. Offering better insights focused on key performance metrics, FrogBI helps dealers improve their understanding of drivers for revenue and gross profits, as well as track operational efficiencies across the dealership. 


“It is no secret that auto dealerships are drowning in a treasure trove of data, with no single platform that gives them visibility into their key performance operations metrics. Information is siloed across systems, departments and customers, and lacks integration that can give dealers a clear-eyed view to make informed decisions that improve operations and profits,” said izmocars CEO Tej Soni. “FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit solves this by giving dealers the ability to use powerful business intelligence tools to create user-friendly reports that provide up-to-date insights using all available data.”


FrogBI replaces the current time-consuming manual processes that dealers are forced to use, by giving them custom reports which are updated automatically using active data pipelines integrated with the dealer’s DMS and other systems.  


From the aggregated data, FrogBI creates a ‘Data Lake;’ then, through its predictive AI-powered algorithms, it generates reporting analyses to help dealers run their businesses successfully. With the FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit dealers can create reports across departments, segments, and systems. In addition, the powerful data visualization capabilities of FrogBI offer visual representations of data, that makes it easy to understand trends and inferences. For example, dealers can easily view customer lifecycle from lead to sale to after-sales service record giving the lifetime gross profits for each customer.


“FrogBI encompasses vast volumes of data from every department and system to create automated and deeply insightful business intelligence that is cost-effective for every size of dealership,” continued Soni. “FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit generates data gold that can translate into improvements across dealer operations. This is of particular importance as industry consolidation increases, and dealer groups expand across multiple franchises − increasing the need for unified and smart data reporting, driven by AI.”


Features of the FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit

  1. Data Lake for aggregation of all data.
  2. Self-service analytics platform for customer report building.
  3. Advanced analytics to gather useful business insights.
  4. Data visualization with drag and drop capability.
  5. Automatic update of reports and dashboards.

Visit izmocars in Las Vegas at the NADA Show, booth 4051W for a demo of FrogBI Enterprise Analytics Toolkit.


For more information on how to make smarter decisions with FrogBI, click here.


About FrogData

FrogData is the automotive industry leader in data analytics. FrogData Analytics Platform delivers Advanced Reporting, Business Insights and Predictive Analytics to Auto Dealers, helping them make better decisions to improve their business performance. FrogData is based in San Francisco, CA. (


About izmocars
izmocars provides automotive retail solutions for dealerships worldwide and is the largest global producer of interactive media content for the automotive industry. izmocars products include Digital Retail Web Platform, Parts Distribution CRM, Search Engine Marketing and Data Analytics. izmocars is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Long Beach, Chicago, Brussels, Paris and Bangalore.



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