Getting around in Sacramento without driving

Sacramento - a city rich in culture, economic activities, and of course, history, attracting numerous tourists to the area every year. While the tourism is constantly flourishing, so is the traffic increases, which makes it difficult for locals, but most of all for visitors, to easily drive around. Sacramento has already become known for dealing with high traffic, making commuting and regular transportation, not the easiest thing. According to statistics, the average Sacramento citizen spends somewhere around 43 hours a year stuck in traffic, which is certainly a number that cannot be neglected. Getting around town, whether you are a local or just a visitor getting a glimpse of the surroundings, without actually having to stay behind a wheel is, however possible, considering there are other means of transport you can often explore.



It’s impossible not to have heard about Uber, considering how much this transport service has evolved along the last couple of years, reaching numerous cities around the world. Sacramento keeps up with the transport trends, and now you are able to easily get from point A to point B by relying on this company. Tourists are usually the ones to resort first to Uber fares due to the versatility of this service, as well as the reliability of the company established on an international level. While often Uber fees might be a bit lower than your average Sacramento cab ride, that isn’t the case in all situations, that’s why you are recommended to do a bit of research before actually calling an Uber. While the media attention given to Uber has certainly increased, that doesn’t mean there are no safety or price concerns involved. You may end up having a pleasant transport experience, but If you don’t want to take any risks, and come across drivers that are perhaps not that familiar with the surroundings, or aren’t characterized by a reasonable level of reliability, perhaps it’s best if you just stick with the traditional cab ride, and Sacramento excels in terms of high-quality taxi services.

The regular taxi experience

Yes, calling an Uber might be your first instinct from the common knowledge of having to pay less for the same mileage, but you should know that in Sacramento you will find quite a few taxi companies that value affordability as well. When you want to easily get around, without having to worry about potential inconveniences, and you wish to have an experienced driver at your disposal simply go for the traditional taxi experience. This is the fastest, and easiest option you can rely on, especially as a tourist. Nowadays, taxi companies have developed, and booking your fare can even be done online or via a mobile app. Depending on exactly the company you choose (you can research your options on the internet first), you may have the possibility to get an estimate for your ride in advance, which makes things even more convenient for you. The majority of people visiting or living in Sacramento, usually choose a taxi when they want to rapidly reach a certain location, and those that want a corporate ride also have the chance of booking this type of service. When you compare prices with an Uber premium, you might even conclude that regular cabs are priced the same or even more affordable, if you take Uber’s surge pricing system into account. Simply search for a taxi near me on the web, and you will come across plenty of good options. If you want to make sure the cab company you are thinking of using is actually one worth your trust, and you won’t end up being overcharged for a quick drive, you can check a few testimonials first. If people seem to be pleased with that specific company, you won; have to worry about being scammed, or dealing with less than pleasant drivers.

Regional transit service

Want to go somewhere in Sacramento, but you aren’t in a rush and are looking for a bargain? Well, public means of transportation are always worth considering. The local regional transit service has expanded recently, bus rides offering more stops around town than ever. With traffic congestion increasing, local authorities recommend locals to give this transport option more of their thought, but tourists can rely on bus fares as well. With a ticket that costs less than 3 dollars, you will be saving quite a lot of money if you choose Sacramento’s regional transit service. You won’t face the need of driving yourself during rush hours, so you will be saving not only money on gas but you will be saving yourself from a headache as well.  

Ride sharing

Being mostly an option for those that face the need of commuting to work, and less of a viable solution for tourists that only stay in Sacramento for a short period of time, ride sharing has increased in popularity lately, thanks to the wide range of advantage this option provides. Whether it’s via Uber or other carpool option, this friendly method of transportation has become particularly appealing lately. There are various possibilities in this department, and it seems like seniors are the ones to embrace the sharing commute most.

Rent a bike!

While this might not be a viable option or locals going to work, or when you are in a rush, as a tourist, you can always consider the possibility of biking around town. Renting a biker is cheaper and much more fun than any other transport alternative, so if you are not in a hurry, take this option into account – you will love seeing the best parts of Sacramento on a bike.  

Whether you are on a business trip in Sacramento for a few days, you are on vacation there, or you have recently moved, and still don’t have your own vehicle at your disposal, knowing how to get around easily, without dealing with inconveniences will be useful. While you do have access to public means of transportation, taxis remain the most popular option, considering the convenience they come with. 

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