Gubagoo Launches Innovative Behavioral Scoring and Engagement Technology that Transforms Dealership Websites into Lead Generating Engines

Adopted already by over 700 dealerships, Gubagoo’s “B.E.A.S.T.” technology turns a dealership’s website into a tracking, scoring, engaging and sales converting environment; majority of dealerships report their Gubagoo-powered sites are driving at least 200 additional leads a month - with 1 in 7 converting to sales


West Palm Beach, FL – September 16, 2013 Gubagoo Inc., a revolutionary new platform for dealership websites, officially launched today. Already successfully adopted by over 700 dealerships, including some of the nation’s largest dealer groups, as well as by OEM-certified programs, Gubagoo is the first dealership website solution that focuses on making once-anonymous web traffic identifiable, and helps convert the 95% of visitors that typically defect from a dealership site.

Far more than a “chat solution,” Gubagoo makes all dealership website traffic visible and actionable through its complex behavioral and engagement scoring technology called  B.E.A.S.T. By combining B.E.A.S.T with its industry-leading chat and predictive vehicle matching technologies, Gubagoo can uniquely supercharge dealer website conversions, ensuring that site visitors are engaged with the right conversation or the right offer, on the right page, at the right time. Gubagoo already tags, tracks and behaviorally scores over 2.5 million+ unique visitors across its dealer client sites each month.

Early-adopter dealerships report eye-opening results: the majority are driving over 200 incremental leads directly from Gubagoo each month, at a significantly higher close rate (15%) than third-party leads (5-8%)[1] - or, on average, an additional 30 car sales each month at a significantly lower cost-per-lead and sale.


For example, Lexus and Subaru of Pembroke Pines, Florida is currently generating about 300 leads a month: "2012 was our store's most successful year by far: sales grew 29% and we became the #5 Lexus dealer in the U.S - and we've hit #4 in 2013. We owe our success to embracing powerful new processes and technologies like Gubagoo, which supercharges conversions from our website," said Jesse Walker, Internet Marketing Director, Lexus and Subaru of Pembroke Pines. "I work hard to drive a lot of traffic, and any traffic that doesn’t convert is simply wasted dollars. Gubagoo places targeted ads across our site and offers smart, behaviour-driven, professional chat to all of my visitors.”

B.E.A.S.T. - The Gubagoo Difference


Gubagoo’s Behavioral Engagement and Scoring Technology (B.E.A.S.T.) is a key differentiator, making Gubagoo unlike any other chat or web conversion tool on the market. The B.E.A.S.T. analytics engine relentlessly gathers info on what each site visitor is doing: from what vehicles they’re looking at, to how many times they have visited, to how long they’re spending at the site and where.  Gubagoo’s platform then puts that rich data in motion: engaging and re-engaging individuals with calculated actions in real-time. 

For example, unlike chat solutions that “fly blind,” interrupting visitors with the wrong message at the wrong time, B.E.A.S.T. knows precisely when and how to engage a high-frequency visitor versus a first-timer who simply needs a web greeting. And Gubagoo is the only solution that predictively matches inventory to individual needs/behavior, in real-time. So, consumers visiting a Gubagoo-charged dealer site are politely incited to pull the trigger on relevant offers and information. And when they do, B.E.A.S.T ensures that the call center/chat lab is armed with a rich customer profile (not some skimpy lead info), which leads to efficient, meaningful conversations, which, in turn, leads to an 80% chat-to-lead conversion rate.  

A Comprehensive Platform - In addition to B.E.A.S.T., Gubagoo’s advanced platform includes:

  • Publisher Plus - Generates relevant, targeted offers based on a visitor’s past and present site behavior.
  • Chat Smart - The most sophisticated 24/7/365 live chat in the industry – which delivers, on average, an 80% chat-to-lead conversion rate.
  • Automated Inventory Postings - At major 3rd-party sites.
  • Vehicle Matching - Predictively matches and merchandizes a dealership’s live inventory to targeted visitors based on age, price, make and model.
  • Gubalytics - Provides a rich window into a dealer’s site performance, from how many visitors convert to chat and leads – to how many published offers convert.
  • ShareNow - Drives new traffic and builds brand ambassadors through social media.
  • Go-Mobile - Ensures all Gubagoo-powered sites are 100% mobile- and tablet-optimized.

“Historically, dealerships spend large sums of money on poor-performing third-party leads, and on PPC, SEO and display ads that drive traffic to sites that are then only able to convert roughly 5% into leads,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo. “With Gubagoo, dealers can finally target all of their traffic for conversion. By identifying site visitors individually, and engaging them with hyper-relevant chat and published offers, Gubagoo turns formerly lost traffic into high converting leads - easily and cost-effectively.”

For more information about the Gubagoo product, or to schedule a demo, visit:



[1]  Cobalt data 2012: 6-8%; NADA data 2011: 5-8%



About Gubagoo

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and staffed by a team of veteran technologists and innovators in lead conversion, Gubagoo offers revolutionary behavioral engagement and scoring technologies for automotive websites. With a mission to provide a smarter, more cost-effective alternative to the old lead generation model, Gubagoo is the first dealership website solution that successfully makes anonymous traffic identifiable, and converts the 95% of dealer site traffic that traditionally defects. Incorporating smart predictive matching and the best chat technology available - and powered by its proprietary behavioral engagement and scoring engine, ‘B.E.A.S.T.’ - Gubagoo engages new and repeat dealer site visitors with unprecedented relevance. Over 700 dealerships, including some of the nation’s largest dealer groups, as well as OEM-certified programs, already have adopted Gubagoo-powered websites.


Gubagoo Media Relations:

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