I knew there were a lot of unhappy Yelp business owners, but I wasn't quite sure how many. Seems there is a decent bunch willing to complain about it. It looks like similar issues cross industry lines when it comes to disappearing reviews, accusations of false negative reviews, review shuffling, algo filter a joke, and more. Makes for some entertaining reading and also makes one wonder if dealers have a real chance here unless they find "Yelpers" to do a review of their store. A common complaint is that a "one-time Yelper" will typically have the review filtered.  They even have a name for them- a "501". Five star review, zero friends, one review. Like it's some sorta crime not to be a full time review guru. Yelp should recognize how lucky a business is to even get a review, let anyone have the community chastise the person for doing it.


Regardless, Yelp is a critical component of a dealership's reputation makeup and therefore has to proactively monitored and managed, but how much effort can dealers afford to put into this site? The unfortunate answer I think, is that you have no choice but to stay the course and hope things improve and secure as many reviews as possible in the mean time. They are just too big to ignore.  



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