How Large Is Your Piece Of The Pie? Data Driven Custom Solutions

After I closed my business of twenty five years on a successful note, I went on a quest to pursue the unique opportunities that I saw in my community and beyond.

Those who've read my resume are for the most part impressed by the diverse experiences contained within. The past has given me an edge when it comes to my personal as well as my professional life . Not all were necessarily positive, but I am of the belief that challenges are equally important to building character as are successes.

In 2013 I was hired for a position as an automotive sales trainer marketing director. I had the pleasure of visiting dealerships throughout the tri-state area and it was suggested to me that it would be challenging task when it came to getting to the decision-maker - the person ultimately navigating the world of selling vehicles to the public and the decider of my professional fate. Surprisingly, this position was one of the more enjoyable ones that I've had in my time spent in sales. I loved the people I met and enjoyed learning about the automotive sales process.

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting one of those dealerships that I called on back in 2013. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed the job. Now my occupation is being a digital marketing consultant. One of the great things about this situation is combining many of my passions.

The company where I'm employed is innovative in that they've made major investments to offer businesses an edge with competing for their share of the market. These highly effective resources are able to identify loss of market-share and find the appropriate solution. This includes tools and technology that can hyper target any audience anywhere at anytime.

Do your customers typically shop during at 3:00 AM, their car loan is about to expire and they purchase from companies that have interest in animal rights? The good news is that we know how to get in front of that exact person. Add any variable - we'll locate the audience that gets you the highest return. However there is a flip-side to this - you have to be open to discussing your current challenges and trust that our campaigns do work.

I know from speaking to so many automotive dealers that many of you feel you've seen and heard it all and that your industry is different than most when it comes to marketing to their customers requiring nuances that other verticals do not. What's especially exciting for me is that I will be calling on automotive dealerships once again and offering an opportunity to be a part of the this cutting-edge technology.

I look forward to seeing you again and hope you'll be open spending fifteen minutes with me to discuss this unprecedented marketing strategy.

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