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Closing the GAP with VIDEO

Is one of your goals to make your website traffic count?


Aggressive distribution and promotion of your inventory to many in market auto shoppers is paramount to increasing your sales. 


Boosting your website traffic alone will not garner the results which you desire.


Visitors that look at Vehicle Description Pages (VDPs) are in market shoppers. The better experience they have - the more cars you will definitely sell.




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NADA Domestic Dealership Profile Report

At GateHouse Auto our goal is to bring in more ups, increase conversions as well as lower your cost to move a unit from the national average of $672.00 to a significantly lower number.

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Your Customer Doesn't Look the Same as They did 10 Years Ago

I'm attempting to understand why dealers are unaware of the power and weight that their online presence plays when it comes to how successful they could be in the pursuit of selling to their customers... Then it hit me.

Most general managers and dealers are of the era when closing the transaction depended entirely upon the salesperson and many were…


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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Just OK?

To solve issues within most businesses an effective way is to use a compartmentalize strategy. Back in the day this is how we could effectively work an advertising game plan.

Today with the rapid growth of digital and its constant evolution you should no longer limit your methods by separating solutions.

Let’s use SEO as an example. We estimate a dealer in the Philly DMA spends on average, $17.00 on SEO per vehicle. So, if there’s a solution that…


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Do You Know a Fabulous Female in the #Automotive Retail Industry?

For Immediate Release

David Lewis & Associates will be launching our #DLACrushITWednesday campaign to honor our partner’s female workforce, on the second Wednesday of every month.

Automotive dealerships typically employ 40-50 plus ranging from executive level, sales, and administrative positions. Women…


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How to Measure the Value of Professional Sales Training

Any business entity that decides to take on the commitment of training employees for higher levels of skill and achievement would certainly want to know that their training dollars are being well spent.  Calculating your ROI (Return On Investment) properly is not as easy as just adding up how much your profit has increased or decreased as a result of your investment in…


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The Social Space

Once you’ve developed a cohesive plan to connect locally the real work is just beginning.

...If you're using social media the same way you were a year ago, you're already behind.

The value of networking is crucial to anyone in sales. Automotive is no different and the changes in social media during the last decade have increased the need as well as the opportunity to expand your networking outside of the golf course or happy hour. People are spending more time on Facebook than…


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Recently, I spoke with an associate;  a top automotive recruiter. What I learned from them was not all that surprising. In my travels many in auto sales  have jumped ship or left the business altogether. 


He shared his thoughts which were based simply in that the younger generation is hungry to make money, but in many…


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In 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Saraceno through an introduction by David Lewis.

I was new to the world of outside sales as well as the automotive industry. Sure there were striking similarities to owning a salon and day spa - but the average person rarely recognizes that connection.

I’ll never forget my first meeting with Chris. I was instantly impressed with the time he took to learn more about what brought me to work for David Lewis and Associates. We spoke about…


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Who Wants To Be On Trial?

Not long ago at a prior job I was severely reprimanded by an inexperienced sales manager for not using a trial close during a proposal. If you are currently in a leadership role and have similar tactics I would strongly advise against it... that’s a conversation for another day.

This article is about why you should steer away from the "Trial Close." By definition the "Trial Close" is a technique used in selling to assess the buyer's readiness to make a purchase decision. It usually…


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Sharing Is Caring

The obvious goal of marketing and sales is increasing revenue. They are so closely intertwined it often surprises me that in many cases sales staff are not taught about the complexity, cost and how to benefit from marketing efforts of their employers.

Third party car shopping sites and the convenience of mobile as well as video content has virtually everyone seeking…


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He’d Sell Cars

“If I lost everything today and I had to start over, I would go sell cars. Because I’m working with somebody else’s inventory, I control my own pay plan. I control my schedule. I can get up at 5 in the morning and work ’til 10 at night,and I enjoy it.”

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"I Understand - You'd Like To Sell More Cars."

In the past year I have had the privilege of visiting with businesses of all sizes to introduce digital marketing solutions. In an age where disruptive digital technology is a crucial part of the success of one’s business I must share what I learned as a digital marketing specialist.

What could stop a good digital campaign in its tracks?

A: Staffing issues and or lack of motivated sales professionals.

Marketing strategies were either stalled by high staff turnover or were…


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Hire For Attitude-Train For Skill

"The game changers at Southwest Airlines, who have prospered for nearly 40 years by challenging conventional wisdom in the airline business, have embraced the “hire for attitude” philosophy more intensely than any big organization I’ve encountered.", Sherry Phelps explains. Miss Phelps spent 33 years at Southwest, and as a top executive in the People Department while helping to design many of their hiring practices.

Sometimes the culture has to change within the organization. I…


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Auto Pure Play

Let's discuss a video targeting strategy customized for areas you're losing valuable market-share. …


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How Large Is Your Piece Of The Pie? Data Driven Custom Solutions

After I closed my business of twenty five years on a successful note, I went on a quest to pursue the unique opportunities that I saw in my community and beyond.

Those who've read my resume are for the most part impressed by the diverse experiences contained within. The past has given me an edge when it comes to my personal as well as my professional life .…


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What Drives You To Be Successful?

What do you dream of? 


Whether you are the small to midsize business or CEO of a large company there is "that thing" that drives you to keep going. 

You might work on your reputation alone for years and still not reach the level that affords you the luxury that you've dreamed about. Maybe it's more time with…


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Plains Trains & Automobiles

A worthy journey requires multiple means of transportation to arrive at the desired destination. This belief keeps me from the shadow of failure within the proverbial dead end. It’s that place in the road that requires a shift in one’s travels.

When looking at my resume the one key component that continually presents itself is my desire to grow a business and strengthen a community…


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I am exploring opportunities

I am exploring opportunities that best suit my abilities, and hope to find a company that shares my core values and in addition will offer long term personal and professional growth.


My resume reflects significant successes with self start initiatives and a considerable level of experience creating successful development campaigns through the use of social media.


Please take a moment to review my LinkedIn profile; within it there are acknowledgements…


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I currently work as the Marketing Director and Training Center Coordinator for a leading Automotive Consulting Firm but my first experience operating a business was when I was nine years old - I worked with my family owned production company. During those years ahead I started a professional career in the beauty industry. By the age of fifteen I knew what lay in store and by eighteen years of age I was managing a nail salon and later became regional “Nail Educator for Wanamaker’s Salons.” …


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