How Dealer Data Predicts Performance, Halves Turnover

Why are dealers not solving their turnover problem?

Dealer groups have systems and tools that optimize most operating decisions: inventory, pricing, vehicle diagnostics, cash and so on but they lack a comparable intelligence focused on people.

Total people costs as a % of total gross average 40-70%.

However, dealers lack a formula and tools for optimizing their ideal workforce, eg. who’s our best-bet sales hire, who should we promote to sales manager.

Everyday decisions like these over-rely on intuition and experience, and result in high early-tenure turnover.

Turnover can be halved using performance intelligence extracted from a dealer's own data.

Dealers are sitting on the answer to fixing turnover but aren't using it.

Performance intelligence enables dealers to accurately calculate the right person for the right role, before they hire or promote them, eg. how many vehicles will a new hire sell? how many hours will a technician turn?

Performance intelligence removes the ‘noise’ from critical people decisions.

It gives managers quick and clear-headed insight into how to halve turnover.

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