How Live Chat Stole Google's #1 Place In My Heart

For the last 5 years, Google has been my most frequently visited website. It's been my homepage for as long as I can remember. Most times, without even thinking, I begin typing '' into my browser even if I'm not headed in that direction at all. In part, Google is an extension of my being. 

I can be dramatic, at times. 

This morning I made an interesting observation. When I opened my Google Chrome (told you, total extension of my being!), I noticed that my number one most visited site is My cable provider. One of my clients' cable provider. My go-to source for all-things TV related. 

Not only is it my most frequently visited website, but it is also the website that I spend the most time on. 

You might be wondering what in the world my Cable provider's website has over Google. You might not believe me when I tell you.

Before I do, please know that this last month has been stressful with my cable television. I've had endless issues. I've had to move cable boxes. I've needed a new internet router. I've needed a cable jack installed in my home. Long story short, I've needed to consult Comcast a ton of times. A lot of my issues, I could have Googled and found the answers to. But instead, I went to the source.

What did Comcast have that Google didn't?

Live Chat.

Yes, I know I dabble in marketing for one of the industry's leading dealer live chat providers - so, really, you may expect something like this from me. I've always known the benefits of having a live chat option on your website. I could talk to dealers until the cows come home, and not feel like I was misleading anyone in the least, because the service DOES help obtain you more quality leads. BUT.. BUT... BUT .. it wasn't until this last month when I talked to Comcast more than I talked to my mother that I really 'got it'.

This isn't about selling you on the idea of Dealer Chat, though, in all honesty, I can do that if you want. (It'd be worth it!) But moreso, it's realizing that giving potential customers and even existing customers the opportunity to interact with a live person is 100% necessary. Many of the issues I had would have had me passed from department to department, waiting on hold, and becoming less and less interested in doing biz with the company. Chatting with an agent who knew what they were talking about, was immensely helpful.

Most days, I am at work, so sitting on an hour phone call is not an option. The goal of chat representatives is to help you with your issue in a timely manner. +1 for time management. 

Sometimes I need a moment to process thoughts and ideas before I respond. The chat option let me think about the information that was being given to me, and forming an adequate response that helped communicate my concerns and questions clearly. +1 for effective communication on both ends.

Everything I could have gotten off of a phone call, I got offline, During OFF business hours. One of my chat conversations happened at 3 AM. Most people are in bed. Some people (like me!) are not. +1 for catering to the customer's schedule needs.

I honestly found myself wanting to ask my chat agent if they had any good spaghetti recipes, because I was cooking that night, and since they knew how to restart my cable modem, they must know how to whip up some pesto, right?

There are times when a good old fashioned voice to voice conversation will have to occur. But for the most part, finger-to-keys conversations can not only happen, but be extremely beneficial for time management, effective communication, and schedule differences with potential and current customers.

Just think about it. After all, a website with Live Chat basically took over the #1 spot on my most visited sites list. And it stole the position from Google.

That's quite the bragging right for my cable provider.

Katie Colihan

Car Chat 24

"Helping Car Dealers Sell More."

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