How to never have a down month selling cars from a 30+ car salesman

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I don't have down months.…and I am going to show you how not to have down months!

Mike is an award winning salesperson at the top of his game who consistently pushes out more than 30+ units a month. While his hustle, grind and work ethic are notably impressive, there’s no denying that his branding strategies and proven techniques have brought him phenomenal success…and now he is ready to share them with you!


In this amazing 1 hour webinar, Mike will share the best practices, processes and skills that every salesperson needs for maximum results. Attendees of this fast-paced presentation will hear about:

-How to brand yourself and why

-Social media marketing & engagement

-Selling strategies that blow customers away

-The rigorous after-sale follow-up that nets the highest % of repeat & referral business

-How to get customers to think of you every time they get gas

-Closing techniques that eliminate the need for a TO

-The ultimate customer experience that reduces showrooming and increases loyalty

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Comment by Brian Bennington on November 13, 2015 at 2:33pm

Wow Mike!  Mighty impressive!  I'd say you're on your way to being a legend in your own time.  (Or, is that a legend in your own mind?)  To really get the full scope of your success, I'd have to talk to the other reps at your dealership and see how they feel about you.  Relatively early in my auto sales career, I did pretty well as compared to the rest of the reps on the floor.  But, over time, I recognized the customers come and go, but I had to work with the same reps and continually outperforming them definitely doesn't "endear" you to them.  Why do you think that management often identifies top producers as "high maintenance"?

That's when I began to realized "The next level to aspire to after you learn to do your job well is to do it well without hurting anyone, pissing them off, or making them feel bad."  I found a path that kept their "sniping" to a minimum, but that was over twenty years ago.  And yes, the car business has changed, but really, human nature is pretty much the same.  Good luck!   By the way, if I were you I'd begin looking around for a more competitive dealership to work at.  I learned a good deal more at stores where I wasn't always #1.

Comment by steven chessin on November 9, 2015 at 2:42pm

Mike - When you eat at any restaurant they provide you with a fork, spoon, and  butter knife. You must request a steak knife  --- because of the potential for mis-use of such a dangerous item. Many dealers see personal social media use as dangerous so they shut it down  --- as you'd expect in North Korea. Working around policy can place salesmen at risk of being fired  as very clever digital marketing geeks monitor social media. Some stores are treating sales professionals like children that must have their internet use guarded.    

Comment by Mike Davenport on November 9, 2015 at 8:37am

Steven, Go around them. I wouldn't let ANYONE hold you back from selling cars. I won't accept an IT person blocking websites as a big issue. Buy yourself a mobile hotspot and use that as your connection on your personal laptop at work. (it's what I do). 

I personally don't use my dealerships wifi for the exact question you pose. Don't let a simple obstacle like that stand in your way of selling cars via social media.  Social media is huge and a lot of dealers don't get it yet.  I have more followers on my social media platforms than my dealership does.   

Best of luck and don't forget to sign up. This is something I will get into detail in my webinar.



Comment by steven chessin on November 7, 2015 at 1:40pm

What is your feeling about stores that prohibit social media use. They have their I.T guys block facebook, youtube etc on their showroom Wi-Fi  ?  

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